Review of True Temper Sledge Eye Splitting Axe

True Temper is a definite household name and one of the most renowned companies within the non-powered lawn and garden products domain. Founded way back in 1774, the company does a fine job at maintaining a rich tradition by delivering top-notch products at fair prices throughout over three centuries now.

Today we’d like to focus on one of the True Temper’s most popular products, the super practical axe known as the Sledge Eye Super Splitter Wood Splitter Axe. They sometimes call it the best splitting axe out there, and we can guarantee that what we have here is a top-notch product.

True Temper Splitting Axe Features

This wood cutting axe was clearly crafted with two primary goals in mind – efficiency and light weight. The item boasts high carbon steel construction to ensure maximum cutting power, while the 36-inch fiberglass handle makes the axe very easy to operate.

It’s hard to believe that such power has been packed into just 4 pounds, but the folks at True Temper have done it once again. The swing you can get with this baby is quite impressive, so make sure to get used to it before wielding it around.

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Additional notable features include an integrally molded handle guard to avoid this wood cutting axe from slipping or coming loose, as well as permanent overstrike protection and a molded polypropylene cover for additional power and strength.

There’s been reports of both professionals and average Joes using the Sledge Eye. And while a regular user will likely turn this into an all-around axe, the pros tend to utilize the True Temper axe as a very versatile tool, as well mostly due to its incredibly light weight and high portability.

Usually the looks aren’t the most important factor when it comes to axes, but we’ll still point out that the product sports a classy and elegant look, mixing up the gray and black head with that neat red handle.

Axe Specifications

Now we think is a good time to get into the minute details and present you with a full rundown of specs of this wood chopping axe. This will give you a clear picture of what you’ll be getting in the package and what to expect.

  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Handle core from solid fiberglass
  • High carbon steel construction
  • Warranty: lifetime
  • Handle length: 36 in
  • Width: 7.5 in
  • Length: 2.75 in
  • Height: 33.625 in


Although it’s efficiency and light weight that this wood splitting axe excels in the most, we have to say that you simply cannot avoid the fact that it also comes with a super affordable price tag.

The True Temper can be found for as low as $30 and will rarely expect to pay more than that, meaning that it provides a great bang for the buck.


It doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty for nothing, now does it? The True Temper is an extremely durable item, and unless you put it through some serious abuse, it simply won’t break. And we’re not telling you this based on a few test runs; this is conclusion widely drawn by a vast array of satisfied users – they’ve all pointed out that this little wood chopper can easily last you at least a dozen years, if not much more, if you take regular care of your instrument.

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True Temper Pros and Cons

true temperThe biggest positive side of this axe is undoubtedly the fact that it offers a great strength thanks to a clever construction and a mix of proper materials. It is incredibly light and portable, yet when you get into the full-on work mode with it, the True Temper makes log chopping feel like cutting butter with a knife.

The handle is incredibly durable, much like the entire item. It won’t break, it’s not prone to corrosion, and the head will stay put after years of constant use. Finally, the price is quite affordable and budget-friendly, making it ever so clear why is the True Temper axe one of the most popular products on the market and why the company has such a strong reputation.

Also, the lifetime warranty is a really nice touch and the company’s support team is very responsive and overall doing a fine job.

If we were to single out some down points, we would have to note that despite some glaringly positive reviews on the web, this still isn’t an axe that you can break walls with. Well, you can’t break walls with any axe, but what we really want to say is don’t force the TT onto too big and heavy logs, it’s a highly versatile product, but still not a miracle worker.


So to sum up our thoughts – this is without a doubt one of the top wood cutting axes within its niche. Versatile, strong, and powerful, the True Temper gets an easy thumbs up from us. Highly recommended, it’s a purchase you cannot regret as it makes for one of the best wood splitting axes on the market.

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