Kershaw Camp Axe Review – How Good Is It?

The axe is one of the oldest tools of humanity. In fact, the oldest axe ever found is almost 50,000 years old. Despite its antiquity, the axe has continued to evolve. Today’s axes are sharper, stronger, more durable, more ergonomic, and more effective than ever before. A great modern example of this tool is the Kershaw Camp Axe.

This tool is a classically-shaped, sturdy, and powerful axe that can be used for wood clearing, splitting, shaping, and even carving. Our article will discuss its main characteristics and features, arriving at a few conclusions regarding its value in comparison to other axes.

Kershaw Camp Axe’s Quality Features

#1. Forged in a Single Piece

Most axes on the market are made by joining the head and the haft through wedges and securing bolts. After some uses, this can present a problem as the union of the two parts becomes less stable and secure.

Luckily, tools like the Kershaw Camp Axe are made entirely from one piece of forged steel. The result is a strong, durable, and reliable axe that’s basically unbreakable.

#2. Handle Covered in Non-Slip Kraton

In order to strengthen its grip, the Kershaw Camp Axe features a textured Kraton covering of the handle. Such a material eliminates the possibility of it slipping out of your hands.

#3. 100% High-Carbon Steel

In order to be strong, sharp, and durable, Kershaw’s Camp Axe is made entirely of high-carbon steel. The process of transforming steel into high-carbon steel implies making it less ductile. This transformation also reduces its chance of becoming deformed over extensive use. Additionally, it strengthens and hardens the material.

#4. Drop Forged

The Kershaw Camp Axe is created through a dropping process. This entails hammering a single piece of steel until it takes the desired shape. By aligning and stretching the tool’s grain structure, the dropping process makes it stronger and more durable.

This is an advanced forgery technique that demands more time and patience. However, considering the amazing results the drop forging process obtains, all that time and effort are definitely worth sacrificing.

Kershaw Camp Axe Pros & Cons

a kershaw camp axe in its stealth

Kershaw Camp Axe Pros

• Great for both camping and home chores: Its main purpose is performing camping-related tasks, due to its size. However, the Kershaw Camp Axe is perfectly capable of assisting in house chores such as tree and brush trimming as well.

• Fantastic for chopping green and fresh cut wood: Unfortunately, the Kershaw Camp Axe is not big or heavy enough to take on big pieces of hardened dry wood. However, thanks to its shape and sharpness, it really excels at tasks like limbing and chopping up fresh wood. No matter the size of the branch, if it’s relatively fresh, this axe will probably be able to cut it.

• Light and easy to carry: One of the main characteristics of the Kershaw Camp Axe is its compactness. It measures only 11 inches, and it’s incredibly light, making the act of carrying it around almost effortless. However, despite its size and weight, it’s capable of great performance.

• Shockingly sharp: Due to being made of high-carbon steel, the edge of this axe can be taken to a mind-blowing level of sharpness.

Kershaw Camp Axe Cons

• Size: Some users have complained that the axe’s size and weight are not enough to split big logs and perform other tasks of the sort.

• Needs regular sharpening: Because of the nature of high-carbon steel, the edge needs to be re-sharpened often to maximize efficiency.

Is the Kershaw Camp Axe Better than Other Axes?

Although it does not constitute a replacement for the best felling axe out there, the Kershaw Camp Axe is incredibly useful for general camping and exploring tasks. Its lightness and ergonomic shape make it perfect for functioning as a multi-purpose hand-axe for extended periods of time.

Additionally, it’s small enough to be carried in a belt or body holster without effort or discomfort of any kind. Trekkers and hikers will also love this axe as it’s perfect for clearing paths and getting rid of other unforeseen obstacles that may appear along the way.

Of course, one of the main functions of the Kershaw Camp Axe is chopping and preparing wood to make bonfires. Thanks to its single-piece construction and the fact that it has been drop forged, the Kershaw Camp Axe is capable of serving this purpose efficiently and reliably for long periods of time. Additionally, its high-carbon steel body is durable enough to last a lifetime when properly maintained. Even its molded polymer handle is incredibly resistant to elements such as dirt, heat, and humidity.

By this point, you may have realized that the Kershaw Camp Axe is an adventure axe. Its characteristics make it a perfect companion for going out into the wilderness. We are talking about an efficient tool for getting rid of unexpected obstacles, clearing paths, preparing bonfires, and self-defending.

Due to its size, it can also be nimbly used for shaping and carving pieces of wood for specific purposes. Amazingly, it’s also great for preparing caught game and even cooking it. Even though the Kershaw Camp Axe us not big enough for professional use, all of its characteristics make it a great basic survival tool.

Putting It All Together

In conclusion, the Kershaw Camp Axe is a wonderful little axe that wouldn’t be out of place in any survival kit. Even though it is not capable of doing everything other axes do, it’s a great go-to tool for immediate response. Another great aspect of it is its universality.

Due to its reduced size and lightweight, it can be wielded and used by basically anyone. A versatile tool, it can be used for forceful tasks as well as some precision-based tasks, both out in the wilderness or within a camp. Have you given it a try? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments!

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Pamela M. Slocum