Hunting for the Best Husqvarna Splitting Axe

While Husqvarna is more well known for their outdoor equipment such as chain saws, lawnmowers and blowers, many loyal Husqvarna fans know that they still provide some of the top axes for splitting wood that money can buy. Husqvarna splitting axes are well known for their quality, thus, it should come as no surprise then that two of their axes in particular come very highly recommended.

#1 – Husqvarna 26 inch Curved Handle Multipurpose Axe

A durable hickory handle, strong Swedish steel blade, curved ergonomic handle, and a leather sheath all combine to form the Husqvarna multi-purpose axe.  You may have had a number of different axes from a variety of companies before, you’ll find that his axe is comparable to most if not all of the premium axes on the market, It has an enhanced finish in comparison to many of your other standard options.  In fact, the finish on the Husqvarna multipurpose axe is easily comparable to what you would expect from  a company like Gransfors, such as the splitting maul here, only the Husqvarna comes at a much more affordable price.

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As a multipurpose axe, the Husqvarna will serve you well on your camping trip, while on an outdoor bushcraft adventure, or on a hunting expedition.  The blade of the axe, while being made completely out of steel, is also light in comparison to other products on the market.  Still, steel is a very strong material and should not be taken lightly.  Steel is also not something that you want to leave outside in frigid temperatures during winter.  Chopping a tree with an axe that’s been frozen over will make the blade much more susceptible to chipping or even cracking, especially if you’re chopping at something tough such as a knotted log.  Keep this axe inside before taking it out, but hopefully that’s not a limitation you’ll be too worried about.

Speaking of the blade, it is not as well sharpened out of the box as your typical Wetterlings or Gransfors.  This may be one reason why the Husqvarna is priced so lower in comparison.  On the other hand, this axe is probably not for you if you have not yet learned how to put an edge to your axe.  Most professionals recommend that you sharpen your axe right out of the box.  You can always buy a very cheap axe before an expensive one to learn how to properly sharpen one.

All in all, this is one of the best Husqvarna axes on the market and is just an incredible value at under $65.  Once you get the blade sharpened and ready to go, there’s little reason to think why you should spend more money on an axe that will give you no discernable advantage.


Weight: 3 Pounds

Height: 26.5 inches

Width: 1 inch

Blade: 7.5 inches

Country of Origin: Sweden

#2 – Husqvarna 2 Pound Small Splitting Axe

c1abbcc798382b8188f4e591a5ccafe2If you are downsizing or want a more compact axe, Husqvarna still offers one for that niche as well.  The purpose of this Husqvarna axe review is explain the best value possible and inform you of what high quality axes are out there.

In comparison to the Husqvarna multi-purpose forest axe, the small splitting axe is a better choice for more basic endeavors, such as for chopping wood by the fireplace. Because it’s main purpose is to handle light duty splitting jobs, you can store this axe practically anywhere due to its miniature size. It’s ideal to assist in breaking down large pieces of wood.

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The hand forged blade is completely steel like the multipurpose axe, and is very durable due to the density of the metal.  If you ever encounter knotty and twisted wood pieces, which can be a chore to chop through at times, even this smaller axe should make short work of them with enough force.

This 2 lb small axe will arrive to you in an envelope that has been padded.  The handle will be short enough to use with only one hand, but it’s long enough that two hands for a stronger strike can be made as well.


Weight: 2 Pounds

Length: 20 inches

Blade Material: Steel

Handle Material: Hickory

Country of Origin: Sweden

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