Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe Review

x27 (1)It should go without saying that having the right splitting axe for the job makes all the difference; what may surprise you, however, is that the “right” splitting axe depends a lot on you.

It’s a simple matter of mechanical physics; to get the most out of your swing, you need to have the right amount of weight at the right length away from your body to get the strongest downward force, making splitting logs as easy as possible.

Of course, not everyone’s bodies are made in the same proportion, which can make splitting wood much more difficult with the wrong size of axe; if your arms are too long for your axe, you miss out on a lot of power, while the inverse means that your axe head is going to be harder to control during your swing. If you’re a person with longer arms and a less muscular body type, it’s entirely possible that you can get much more powerful swings with much less effort, just by using the right sized splitting axe. Designed with that in mind, Fiskars has developed the X27 Splitting Axe, the perfect tool to help you get the most out of each and every swing.

The Fiskars Super Splitter

61kCoHEr+FL._SL1500_If you think an axe is an incredibly simple concept that doesn’t need any improving, you’re about half-right; While the basic concept predates written history, what this Fiskars axe does is give you the most possible efficiency with each stroke. Starting with the head, you’re getting the benefit of 360 year old Finnish design brought forward into the twenty-first century; a six pound hardened steel blade that’s been shaped to an incredibly durable convex bevel and embedded inside the frame.

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The head itself is sharpened with Fiskars’ proprietary grind and coated in a low-friction substance, so not only are you getting deep cuts, but you’re going to have a much harder time getting your axe stuck inside even knotted wood stumps. In addition, the entire body of the X27 is made of an incredibly light fiber composite, so all the weight of your swings is going into your axe head’s strike, making splitting wood much easier than with a traditional wooden shaft axe.

The X27 is virtually unbreakable, so even novices to wood splitting won’t break this piece; even if you accidentally overswing and the shaft hits the wood (instead of the steel axe head), you still can’t break this heavy-duty outdoor tool. Not bad from a company you’d associate with your office supplies, right?

Is the X27 Better Than Other Axes?

x27But what does all this mean for you, and, more importantly, why is it any better than a regular axe? Like most well-crafted tools, the details make a huge difference, and it helps to look at them individually. Fiskars’ well-designed axe head may not weigh as much as other splitters and mauls on the market, but that’s just part of its charm; because it’s designed to weigh less without giving up power, you can swing your axe much faster.

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If you remember high school physics, you’ll know that force equals mass times acceleration; simply put, you can get just as powerful a swing with a lighter axe if you can swing it faster, and with a lighter head, it’s easier to control. Your convex bevel grind is pretty standard for axes, giving you a slightly rounded blade that allows you to take full advantage of all the X27’s power; if it were sharp as a scalpel, you’d find that it would crack after every swing.

Finally, the deeper wedge design on the blade means that your swings aren’t just splitting wood apart; with the X27, your swings are actively pushing apart the two edges of your cut, giving you even more power without extra weight. It’s all these little details that make the difference between the stone, stick, and sinew axes of our prehistoric ancestors and the Fiskars X27 Splitting Axe, giving you better cutting power with brains, rather than just brute force, and making the best splitting axe on the market today.

Other Sizes to Choose From

For individuals who prefer different length axes, Fiskars has you covered as well. If 36 inches is too large for your smaller frame, opt for the 28 inch version (X25), the 23.5 inch version (X17), or the 17 inch version (X11), as seen below in this illustration.

xseries_splitting_lineup_main_bannerOf course, the science can only convince you up to a point, and there’s no substitute for trying a tool in your own hands. Fortunately, once you do, you’ll almost immediately notice a difference. Whether its the accumulation of all Fiskars’ extensive outdoor knowledge, or simply just a better mechanical advantage for longer-armed splitters, this Fiskars splitting axe is designed to make splitting wood for your home as easy as it can possibly be; if you’ve got good technique, you’ll find that the Fiskars Super Splitter can be the best axe for splitting wood that you have ever used.

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At only seventy dollars, this axe is perfect for anybody who lives in an area where a fire would be nice during the cold months, but a thousand dollar splitting machine would be too much. Whatever your skill level, however, you’ll find that the X27 makes an invaluable addition to your tool shed, making even a weekend splitter feel like a true born and bred outdoorsman.

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