Fiskars X15 Chopping Wood Axe Review

IMG_1938Chopping wood may be a strenuous and at times intimidating action, but it’s also an important life skill that will serve you well over the years in many outdoor applications.  Let’s briefly explore the basics to chopping wood, before diving into the details about one of the best axes for chopping wood that’s currently available on the marketplace: the Fiskars X15.

You’ll want to begin by setting your log on top of either a chopping block or another larger log that has yet to be chopped or split.  By elevating your log, less strain will be put on your back and the chances of your wood chopping axe connecting with the center of your target will be drastically improved.

Many individuals believe that they have to put all of their muscle into chopping wood.  This is simply not true.  All you have to do is lift the chopping axe above your head and then let gravity do the rest of the work.  Have an arch in your back, keep your knees bent, and make use of your legs.  After repeated practice, you’ll be able to hit the center of the log again and again.

Features of Wood Chopping Axe – Fiskars X15

That being said, you want to make sure that you have a high quality axe for this kind of an activity, and the Fiskars X15 Chopping Wood Axe is definitely worth some serious consideration.  It’s an all purpose wood cutting axe that makes chopping wood both efficient and quick.  The Duraframe, synthetic handle is both waterproof and practically unbreakable, meaning it can take much abuse in a variety of conditions.

The handle is also exceptionally ergonomic and decreases the vibration feel when you send the blade into the log each time.  This is a major problem that is posed with axe handles made out of either wood or fiberglass; the excessive vibration can make wood chopping dreadfully uncomfortable.  Fortunately, you won’t be experiencing this kind of problem with the X15, and you should have a relatively smooth time putting the axe to good use.

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Fiskars axes are known for coming with a strong, plastic sheath, and the X15 is certainly no exception.  Granted, it may not be the nicest looking sheath on the market, but it still works well and is fully functional at keeping the blade fully protected.

Speaking of the blade, which is practically why we would buy a camping axe in the first place, Fiskars has widely constructed it using a specially forged carbon steel, coated with a non-sticking substance.  This means that when you begin chopping wood, the blade won’t become stuck in the log and force you to wrestle it out.  With this blade, you can chop more wood in less time because it will get deeperwith chopping. Finally, the blade has an insert molded design to it, so it’s practically impossible for it to ever detach from the durable handle.

The X15 is Fiskars’ 23.5 inch model, so this axe is a bit shorter than some other ones on the market.  The benefit behind having a longer handle is that you can deliver a more powerful swing.  On the other hand, the benefit to having this shorter axe from Fiskars is that it can be more easily transported among all of your other camping gear.

maxresdefaultFelling trees is a one specific achievement that this X15 does well – combining excellent weight distribution, a leap forward in blade geometry, an extremely sharp edge, and a design that is nearly unbreakable allows the X15 to bring forth the absolute best in performance.

Not only that, but a longer axe can make some smaller statured users a little more nervous thanks to the size and weight of the axe, so there is definitely a place on the market for these shorter axes.  A shorter axe also allows for an easier swing even in taller people.  While you could deliver a more powerful swing with a longer axe, the blade on the Fiskars X15 is still very sharp and will chew through even the toughest logs you can find in the woods.  The edge will hold for many years to come.

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Overall, the Fiskars X15 is definitely a great buy for the money.  Even if it’s shorter handle is a deal breaker for you, it’s still a very durable and versatile axe that will get the job done.  There are many quality axe manufacturers located in Finland, and Fiskars is certainly one of them.  When you buy from them, you know you’re buying quality.

For its size, the Fiskars X15 is an excellent axe that will serve you well on your camping trips for many years to come.  Strong, lightweight, and versatile, there’s very little more that you could ask for from the X15. Fiskars also makes a handful of other axes for specific purposes you can learn about here.

Specifications and Features:

Overall Length: 25.6 inches

Weight: 3.4 pounds

Handle: Shock Absorbing Duraframe with non-slip grip

Blade: Hardened Forged Steel

Country of Origin: Finland

Warranty: Lifetime

Included: Sheath to protect blade and people around


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