Estwing Sportsman Axe Review – The E24A 14-Inch Model

Estwing produces a broad variety of excellent tools, including the Estwing Sportsman axe. There are many different models of this particular item, including the Estwing E24A 14-Inch Sportsman Axe. This medium-sized hand axe has received mostly rave reviews from those who tried it on Amazon. It has even been rated the number one axe of its type on the website.

Is this axe right for your needs? That’s what we’re here to find out. In this Estwing Sportsman axe review, you are going to get a unique insight into this tool. We will go over its specifications, its advantages, disadvantages, its uses, and whether or not you should consider purchasing it.

a small-sized Estwing Sportsman Axe

The Specifications

1: Affordable Axe

Before purchasing this Estwing Sportsman axe, it is important to understand its size and other specifications. The first thing you need to know is its price. Available at Amazon for just $34.97, it is one of the cheapest axes of its type on the market. That cost may scare away buyers who think that cheapness indicates low quality. Thankfully, that is not the case with this item.

2: Small Comfortable Axe

Its steel blade is set in a tight wood handle that fits comfortably in hand. The handle is 12-inches in length and the blade another two-inches. This size makes it a rather short axe that is comfortable in many different scenarios. What is especially nice about this axe is that it was forged in one piece. As a result, it is sturdier than other inexpensive blades and won’t fall apart under heavy use.

3: Reliably Built Tough Axe

However, it has also been hand-sharpened to make it as potent as possible in many chopping conditions. To increase your chopping comfort, it has a leather grip that adjusts to individual hands. Other protective amenities of this axe include the nylon sheath that slips over the blade. All in all, this American-made Estwing Sportsman axe is reliably built and tough.

the sharp blade of an Estwing axe close-up

Major Positives

A majority of reviews for this Estwing Sportsman axe were very positive. The balance of the axe was highly praised. This approval indicates that most people felt comfortable using it without losing control over its swing. Others were very confident about the benefits of its strength, sharpness, and adaptability for a variety of purposes.

For example, one reviewer claimed they used it to knock off small limbs and also used the dull side as a wedge. Other main benefits touted by reviewers include:

  • Handsome overall design.
  • Easy-to-use sheath.
  • A blade that stays sharp.
  • Easy sharpening process.

These major benefits showcase an axe that is increasing in popularity every day. That said, there are still some disadvantages of this Estwing Sportsman axe that need to discuss. While they are typically minor, they need to be understood before making a purchase.

A Few Frustrating Complaints

While the Estwing Sportsman axe received a lot of praise from its reviewers, there were some complaints. Some claimed that the axe was dull out of the box and chipped easily on soft wood. This complaint was lodged by a single reviewer, though, with a majority of those who bought the axe testifying to the strength of its blade.

Others complained about the stickers between the head and the handle. These labels were considered ugly by a few reviewers and hard to remove. One reviewer gave four-stars to what they otherwise considered a five-star axe for this reason. They brought up a good point when stating that the left-over adhesive could collect damaging dirt on the handle and the blade.

A couple of reviewers suggested using gloves when handling the axe because it left behind blisters after extended use. The maximum length that many users suggested was a half-hour. Beyond that, several people argued you would develop acute pain whenever using the axe. In particular, they suggested getting a similar Estwing Sportsman axe with a rubber handle instead.

the small Estwing Sportsman Axe

Suggested Uses

There are many different ways that you can use this medium-sized Estwing Sportsman axe. We recommend packing it up in a backpack whenever you go out camping for three or more days. With the included leather sheath, it is easy to fit in a full range of packs.

It is also sturdy and reliable enough for a variety of chopping needs. For example, we suggest it for people who need an axe for the following reasons:

  • Chopping small trees when camping.
  • A great tool for splitting small logs for fireplaces.
  • Trimming tree limbs or vines away from home.
  • Cutting knobs off of trees.
  • Fixing small problems in wood siding.

When should you not use this axe? If you have heavy-duty log splitting, this isn’t the right axe for your needs. It is useful for small trees and logs. We suggest it for logs no more than three to four inches in diameter. Anything larger will require either a larger hand axe or a power saw to cut through its surface.

We also think you should avoid using this saw to chop down any trees. While its handle is pretty robust and should withstand most chopping situations, its blade isn’t designed for that kind of action. It is more likely to go dull under such severe strains. Take along a larger axe or a saw to handle any landscaping that requires removing whole trees.

The Final Judgment

While this cute little Estwing Sportsman axe is by no means perfect, we think it is an excellent choice for a broad range of people. Those who plan on going camping, stripping some small trees for firewood, or chopping some legs for a fire should consider taking this one along with them. Though the sheath isn’t the best, it is an excellent addition to a robust package.

Another beautiful thing about this cute little Estwing Sportsman axe is its price. For just over $30, you get a stable and reliable hand axe that can serve a variety of purposes. While we don’t think it is right for those who need to do any heavy-duty chopping, it is perfect for the right person.

Images source: Amazon