The Ultimate Cold Steel Viking Axe Review

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The axe is one of the oldest tools used by man to date. Spanning the ages from the Stone Age all the way to our current times, the axe has been by man’s side. In fact, you could actually say the development of the world was expedited by the axe. Battles were even fought and won using the axe. Particularly the Viking axe – a model designed by the Vikings themselves.

And perhaps you’ve heard a lot of hype surrounding the Cold Steel Viking axe line and you’re wondering if they really are worth the hype. Or you’ve already made up your mind that you are getting yourself one. That’s a great idea. But perhaps you need to know a bit more about your next purchase. Well, you came to the right place where I’ll also show you the right Viking axe to get for yourself.

Get ready to meet, not just any Viking axe, but the Cold Steel Viking axe.

What is a Viking Axe?

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Axes come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. And when many people hear of a Viking axe, they think of big axes that only a huge well-built Viking can wield. But a real Viking axe is nothing like that. If anything, Viking axes were anything but bulky. So what were they like?

Well for one, they were light. This is because a Viking axe was designed for combat. Because of the nature of combat, a Viking axe had to be light enough to throw, sharp enough to cut through bone, and easy to control. These features necessitated that they feature axe heads that were light and more crescent-shaped than other types of axe heads. The crescent shape afforded the axe head to cause more damage while the lighter head made it easy to throw accurately. One of the most distinguishing features of a Viking axe is the way the cutting surface ends in 2 sharp points – one on each end of the crescent.

As for the handle, Viking axes have different sized handles with some being long while others featured shorter handles. The longer handles were for close combat while the shorter handles could be used for both as they could be thrown or used to strike down an enemy.

Why Should You Get a Cold Steel Viking Axe?

Now that you know what makes for a good Viking axe, let’s take a look at why you should go for a Cold Steel Viking axe. In order to find that out, we first of all have to understand who Cold Steel is. So who are they?

1. Sustaining the Ancient Art of Blade Craftsmanship

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If you are wondering why you should get a Cold Steel Viking axe, let me give you a good reason why – because it’s a Cold Steel Viking axe. Still doesn’t register? Well, let me show you.

Cold Steel is a prominent American corporation that deals with anything that has a blade. Their products range from knives to swords and many other weapons that feature a blade. Most Cold Steel products are designed by Lynn Thompson, the company president and master blade designer. The designs are inspired by authentic, traditional knife designs from all over the world. Although Lynn is the chief designer, Cold Steel also collaborates with other world-renowned blade designers like Andrew Demko and Zach Whitson.

2. Providing Quality You Can Afford

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One big misconception about the company we have to clear right away is that the company doesn’t manufacture their products in their Ventura, California headquarters. Nor do they make them themselves. They outsource to different companies all over the world. Some of the products are manufactured in countries that include the United States, Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Italy, and South Africa. 

3. Hollywood’s Poster Boy of Blades

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Still not convinced about the Cold Steel Viking axe? Well, Hollywood is convinced. If you’ve ever watched a Viking movie or any movie that features blades of some sort, you’ve probably seen a Cold Steel product in action. This is because historic or otherwise, they are true to the desired design and function. That means, in your case, when you get yourself a Cold steel axe, you are getting yourself the real deal – or the closest you can get to it if it’s a historical artifact.

4. Tested by Masters

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Let me give you the third and final reason you should trust Cold Steel. After all, three is your lucky number, isn’t it? Because Cold Steel believes authenticity and professionalism, most of the employees are martial artists and weapons experts. Yes, those guys you see in the notorious marketing videos are for real, like this one for a Cold Steel Viking axe line. What that means for you is that your Cold Steel Viking axe is that it’s not just a gimmick – it’s a real weapon.

Now that you’ve seen why your quest for a Cold Steel Viking axe is a noble one, let’s go ahead and look at a couple of Viking axes you can get from Cold Steel.

The Quest for a Cold Steel Viking Axe – Go Forth and Conquer (an Axe That Is)

If you are looking for a Viking axe, there’s no better place you’ll find it than in the Icy Kingdom of Steel. Well, not really, but Cold Steel still also does a great job. So let’s take a look at the Cold Steel Viking axe inventory, perhaps you’ll find one that will tickle your fancy.

If you are looking for a Cold Steel Viking axe that you can put to great use, the Viking Hand Axe is a great specimen. This historically-inspired Viking Hand Axe is a result of the collaboration between Lynn Thompson and custom blade-smiths Dave Baker and Rich McDonald.

The Viking Hand Axe boasts of stout, ergonomic 30-inch American Hickory handle. Hickory wood has some great properties that make it one of the best materials for wooden axe handles. It has great shock absorption properties, making it excellent for tools that operate by means of impact force. It’s also a very durable wood, besides being comfortable to the touch.

As for the main attraction, the blade, the Viking Hand Axe looks every part Viking as it features an extra broad and sharp cutting edge. And make no mistake about it, this blade does short work of preparing wood for the campfire. And true to Viking axe style, the Viking Hand axe has a hooking "beard." And just like in ancient times, it is a functional part of the axe. To top it all off, the axe has an upward-pointing thrusting "horn," a feature that was a life-saver in many a battle. You may not have a use for it, but it will definitely make you feel like a true Viking warrior as you hack away -- oh, sorry, chop your wood.

It’s a portable tool that will serve you well when out on a camping or hiking trip. And don’t forget to pick up a protective sheath for it too. It will offer your blade the protection it needs from being damaged. It will also keep you safe as you move around with it.

The Cold Steel Viking Axe 89VA is another amazing Viking Axe that will have your friends drooling – and possibly bowing to you as the new Viking chief. Well, maybe not but the aggressive looks of this Cold Steel Viking Axe will certainly command the respect of every one who’s fortunate  enough to behold its glorious form.

As with the Viking Hand axe, the Cold Steel Viking Axe 89VA features a 52-inch long handle made from American Hickory. That’s a powerful combination that results in a long-reaching axe that will last you a long time too. At the striking end of the axe, you will find an impressive blade with a 10-inch wide cutting surface. And being a Viking axe, it features the sharp horns at the tips of the crescent-shaped blade.

Unfortunately, though, the blade was not designed to chop wood as it is a thin, finely polished, hand sharpened blade meant for combat. The Cold Steel Viking Axe 89VA also features the top point that was used to stab or gouge enemies in battle – more like a spear or javelin. The shorter bottom tip was used to grab shields from the enemy, leaving them open for the follow-up death strike. It also did a great job of hooking and piercing the opponent’s leg, rendering them immobile and vulnerable.

While you may not use your Cold Steel Viking Axe for combat, it still is a great prop to use as you play pretend. It also makes for a great wall hanging in your lounge, giving your room a traditional, warm atmosphere. This particular Cold Steel Viking Axe is made in Maine – home of some of the best hickory on the planet. 

Cold Steel Norse Hawk - 90N
  • Steel/ Material: Drop Forged 1055 Carbon
  • Additional Feature: Separate Cor-Ex™ Sheath Available (#SC90N)

If the first Cold Steel Viking axes aren’t exactly what you are looking for, perhaps this third one will (I told you is your lucky number). The Norse Hawk by Cold Steel is another great looking Cold Steel Viking Axe that will keep you entertained the whole day. It may not be the best axe for chopping wood, but when it comes to axe throwing, this is one Cold Steel Viking Axe to trust.

The Norse Hawk features a curved cutting edge, perfect for deep cuts and ensuring your axe sticks into the wood after a throw. One thing you will appreciate about it is that it is a well-balanced axe that feels comfortable and inspires the confidence you need before a throw.  If you were a Viking of lore, you would have been using this axe as a missile in battle or as a close combat weapon. And in the right hands, this was definitely a lethal weapon.

Even though you won’t be taking this Cold Steel Viking axe into battle, it definitely is a great axe to have. And if it sounds like an axe you’d love to have.

The Cold Steel Viking Axe – Grab it While it’s Hot

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Axe fanatic or not, if there’s one thing everyone agrees on is that a Cold Steel Viking axe is a gorgeous piece of art – no matter the model. And, if any one of these models has tugged at your heart, make haste and grab it before they run out of stock. And that happens a lot! After all, Hollywood is also in love with them.  


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