The Best Ice Axe for Your Expedition – Top 4 Options

When you are going on an adventure on a mountain or in an icy area, the best ice axe needs to be in your arsenal. These tools are essential for providing climbers like you with the help they need climbing over steep areas. There are many different types of ice axes that you can choose from on the market today. There are so many, in fact, that it can be hard to find one that is right for you.

That is why we have compiled this useful list. We have found these four best ice axe models on the market and have checked out their features, pros, and their cons. With our help, you can choose the best ice axe for your needs. Finding one will provide you with the useful axe experience you need to climb mountains and move over ice without any difficulty.

*The following axes were ranked by price, from the most affordable to the most expensive one.

1. Grivel G Zero Ice Axe

a yellow and black Grivel G Zero Ice Axe

Grivel G produces many different great axes. For example, this is probably their best ice axe. We are particularly fond of the price, which makes it among the least expensive on the market. In fact, this particular axe has a perfect five out of five stars from its Amazon reviewers. As a result, it remains one of the most in-demand axes on the market.


Like the best ice axe models on the market, this one has many features. The best is its ergonomic handle that is easy to control. It also has a sharp point that cuts through ice quickly and provides you with excellent stability while climbing.


We loved the one-piece construction on the head of this axe. Instead of suffering from serious splits or breaks, it stayed together no matter how hard it hit its target. The classic ergonomic design made it easier to hold and swing without strain. Even better, it comes with an insulating blade cover that protects it from serious damage.


One complaint lodged against this axe was its sometimes inaccurate swings. This inaccuracy was caused by some people struggling with the curved handle. Others claimed that the blade tended to stain when left stuck in the ice too long. These complaints were minor and not levied by many people.

Price – $69.75.

2. Camp USA Neve Axe

a slim Camp USA Neve Ice Axe on a white surface

Camp USA makes some of the best ice pick models on the market, including this mid-priced item. While it isn’t the best that we’ve ever handled, we can safely say that it has a broad range of features and benefits that make it an excellent choice.


With a forged steel pick and a sturdy curved handle, this axe provides users like you with the strength they need to chop through the ice. We particularly love the CC4U wear indicator that lets you know when the axe is getting too dull.


While not cheap, this model is a fairly inexpensive model when compared to others on our list. Another major benefit of this axe is the curved handle that is comfortable in the hands and easy to handle.


The number one complaint we heard about this axe was the color of its tip. It is as white as fresh snow. As a result, it can be easy to lose track of this pick in tough climbing moments.

Price – $79.95.

3. Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe

a slim Black Diamond Raven Ice Axe with green handle

There were quite a few Black Diamond models we could have included on our best ice axe list. However, we settled on the Raven Ice Axe as our top model. It has many features that set it apart from other models created by this company.


The durable and aircraft-grade aluminum shaft is sturdy enough to withstand a dense array of blows to severe ice. It also has a stainless steel spike that can tear through even the deepest ice sheets.


The biggest advantage of this axe is its high-quality blade. It was among the strongest that we could find on the market. There was no difficulty cutting through a wide range of ice, making this one of the best ice axe models on the market today.


A few complaints were lodged against the one-piece steel construction of the head. While we didn’t have any trouble with it, some reviewers claimed that it tended to slip off the handle.

Price – $79.95 – $79.99.

4. Petzl Glacier Axe

a small Petzl Glacier axe with a gray handle

Petzl makes a wide range of high-quality items that work well for a variety of needs. Their best ice axe is likely this model, a cute choice that is among the most expensive on our list. However, it is still a great choice for many people.


The best features of this axe include a sturdy and reliable grip, a robust anchoring ability, and a strong aluminum shaft. It also has a steel pick that is thinner and more durable at the tip when compared to other models of this type.


The positives of this ice axe are many. For example, it was praised by many reviewers for having a reliable grip that was easy to use and handle. We also liked the way it sank into snow and ice relatively easily.


The high price may take this model out of the price range of many people. We also read some complaints about it slipping out of the hands of some users, in spite of the grips on the handle.

Price – $99.95 – $107.36.

Final Thoughts

Any one of these choices could be the best ice axe for your needs. Choosing the best among this list is impossible for us. While some may be cheaper than others or sturdier, each has advantages and disadvantages that set them apart. As a result, we think that the best ice axe on this list will vary depending on your unique climbing needs.

So take the time to consider the best ice axe when reading through this list. Identify the traits that you need for your climbing needs, avoid one that may be difficult for you to handle, and make a choice. Honestly, it will be hard to go wrong with any of these options.

Images source: Amazon