Top 8 Best Hunting Axe Options on the Market

If you love hunting, you must also appreciate the need to accessorize your hunting gear with one of the best hunting axes in the market. The best hunting axe should be powerful and made of steel. The density of the steel used will define the durability of the axe.

A reliable hunting axe can be used by hunters to skin animals and carry out light forest duties. This article will cover an overview of the best hunting axes that suit outdoor activities. The hunting axes on this article are ranked according to price from high to low.

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1. Hunters Axe – Gransfors Bruks #418

Gransfors Bruk Hunters Axe

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The Gransfors Bruks Hunters Axe is one of the best hunting axes out there. It is specifically designed with the hunter in mind. This is a Swedish axe that has even scooped the Excellent Swedish Design Award. The Gransfors Bruks is the best hunting axe for anyone looking to dismember and flay large animals and field dressing.

The poll of this axe is rounded and burnished to help in removing the hide from an animal. Its head and handle (19-Inch) are angled to enable the hunter to stroke the carcass. The handle has circular grooves to enhance grip. This axe comes with a 20-year guarantee.

2. AX-111, Handmade Hi Carbon Steel 16.2 Inches Beautiful Axe

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This product features high carbon steel, a solid black canvas Micarta handle, and a sharp-edged blade. The AX-111 is solid and durable. It has a high-quality blade that gives an excellent edge and sharp cutting abilities.

It also has an excellent grip. Before you purchase this item, you have to certify that you are 18+ years of age and that you will use this tool responsibly. The AX-111 stands out as one of the best hunting axes you can acquire.

3. DIST-X-218, Custom Handmade 12.5 Inches Hi Carbon Steel Axe

Poshland AX-16 Custom Handmade 12.5 Inches Hi Carbon Steel Axe - Brown Canvas Micarta Handle

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The DIST-X-218 is a tool that presents itself as a great work of art. This axe features 12.5-inch high carbon steel, and it comes with a handmade brown canvas Micarta handle. It also features a sharp edge blade to enhance its cutting ability.

The DIST-X-218 also provides you with an excellent grip, and the materials it is made of enhance its durability. Before purchasing the axe, you must certify that you are above 18 years and that you intend to use it responsibly.

4. DA-003 Custom Handmade Beautiful Damascus Steel Axe

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The DA-003 is a custom handmade Damascus steel axe that features a unique shape. The axe is 17 inches long, and its handle is made of Rose Wood. The blade has a random pattern on it, and it is made of 1095/ 15N20 alloy steel and forged by a hammer.

This is a high-quality axe that has an excellent edge and sharp cutting abilities. The DA-003 is also hand sharpened to attain a sharp edge, and it holds its cutting edge even after heavy use.

5. Cudeman Axe Tonka 166-c

Cudeman Hatchet Tonka 166-C, Blade BÖHLER N695 14.5 inches, use in Mountaineering, with Leather Sheath, Deer Handle, Camping Tool for Fishing, Hunting, Sporting Activity + Multifunction Gift Card

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The Tonka 166-c is one of the best hunting axes available in the market. This axe features A-304 stainless steel and comes in the traditional shape of an axe. Its blade length is 37cm with a thickness of 5.3mm.

The blade has a satin finish, and the attachment of the handle features Allen stainless steel. The Tonka 166-c also includes a brown leather sheath and its screw handle material is deer stag with red liners. This hunting axe has an overall weight of 860 gr. It also includes a hole for the safety cord and extra weight on the blade.

6. Cudeman Axe Tonka 166-J

Cudeman Axe Tonka 166-J, Orange G-10 Handle, Leather Sheath, 5.3 mm Thick, 14.5 inches Blade, Sport use, Camping Tool, Hunting, Sport Activity + Multifunction Gift Card

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The Cudeman Axe Tonka 166-J has a sheet length of 37cm, a mango length of 15.5cm, and a sheet thickness of 5.3mm. Its sheet is an empty plane, and it has a satin finish. This axe is designed with BOHLER N695 steel whose hardness is 59/61 HRc.

This axe features an ENTERIZA structure, an Allen inox screw handle anchor, and a brass threaded interior handle. The handle is G10 orange with a black separator. It also comes with a black leather canvas. This tool also features a hole for the locker cord.

7. Fox Hunters Axe

Fox Knives 682/M Trekking 09FX005 Axe

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If you are looking for the best hunting axe to go about your outdoor activities or to skin an animal, Fox has manufactured the Hunter’s Axe to suit your needs. This product only weighs 2 pounds, and it has an overall length of 13”.

The Hunters axe has a stainless steel axe head that measures 45/8” with a 5½” cutting edge. This tool has a one-piece round design, and it comes with a brown leather belt sheath. This axe features a brown sassafrass wood handle.

8. Fixed Axe Cudeman 168-L with Logo Desenfunda

Cudeman Fixed Axe 168-L with Logo Desenfunda and Sheet of 37 cm BÖHLER N695, Thickness 5.3 mm, Contains Leather case, Olive Handle

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The last item on the list of the best hunting axe selections is the Fixed Axe Cudeman 168-L with Logo Desenfunda. This hunting axe has a sheet length of 37cm, a handle length of 15.5cm, and a sheet thickness of 5.3mm. The axe is economically priced.

The structure of this axe is ENTERIZA, and it has an olive handle. The axe has a brass threaded interior handle, and it weighs approximately 770gr. It also comes with additional features that include weight on the sheet and a hole for a locked cord.


There are numerous hunting axes in the market, but this article only limits itself to the best 8 hunting axes. Whether you are buying a hunting axe for the first time or you already got a great collection of them for yourself, you may want to consider one from this list.

You can compare the features and specs of the axes on this list and choose one that best fits your hunting needs. If you already own one of the above, you can share your experience or tips that could help hunters make better purchase choices with us in the comments.

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