Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe Review

When you are out in the wild, you can only dispose of a few tools in order to survive. For that reason, it is incredibly important to choose the right tool for every job. This means one that will not only get the job done but also will not break or fail in any other way. Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe offers just that.

It is a straightforward, high-quality tool that’s lightweight enough to be portable. At the same time, it is versatile enough to be used in a multitude of ways, making any adventure in the wild easier and more enjoyable.

To inform you about these and other benefits of this axe, the present guide will go over its features, pros, and cons.

a Wetterlings large hunting axe next to its sheath on a white surface

Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe’s Quality Features

1: Axe Sizes

There is no doubt that Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe is a versatile tool that aims at being as useful as possible. One of the biggest ways in which this versatility is reflected in the variety of sizes the axe comes in. The product has four different sizes: 10 inches, 13 inches, 16 inches, and 20 inches.

Even though the axe head varies between these four models, the most important variation comes in terms of handle length. Without a doubt, the 20-inch model is the most outstanding. Its difference in length allows you to achieve a higher amount of striking power without increasing overall weight in any considerable manner.

2: Weight

Even in the larger model, the Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe is incredibly lightweight. This characteristic makes it amazingly portable and perfect for backpacking.

3: Axe Head

Unlike most hunting axes, Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe does not have a steelhead. Instead, it combines silicon, manganese, and vanadium into an alloy that results in durability, potency, and incredible sharpness.

4: Sharpening

Like most of the best hunting axes in the market, Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe allows for 58-59 degrees of sharpening, enabling serious axe-wielders to accomplish their axing goals without a problem. Apart from being made of a strong alloy, the head of this axe has been tempered in a way that allows for its edges to be sharpened with incredible precision.

Axe enthusiasts will immediately admit that most axes do not allow for their edges to be sharpened to a razor-like level. However, Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe can be sharpened to the point that rivals that of most knives.

5: Uses

Without a doubt, one of the most remarkable things about this axe is its versatility. Apart from cutting wood, it allows you to perform diverse tasks such as quartering up animals, carving, splitting, kindling, brushing, and even hammering.

For that reason, survival enthusiasts and professionals alike recommend carrying a tool like the Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe.

6: Handle

Comprised of pure hickory wood, Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe’s handle is amazingly resilient and durable. Using only the center of each hickory log, manufacturers made sure each handle is practically unbreakable. In addition to being resilient, the handle boasts a design that allows for a strong grip and a powerful strike.

On top of that, every Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe handle is constructed and assembled in a way that does not allow for the head to fly off the handle. This, in addition to the previously mentioned attributes, makes for an axe that is easily manageable despite its striking power.

an axe on a wooden table next to some tools for axe sharpening

Pros of Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe

1: Portability

As was previously mentioned, Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe’s lightweight makes it easy to carry around. As a matter of fact, it’s so portable that you can easily put it in your backpack and forget all about it until you need it.

2: Ergonomic

One of the things that stand out the most about Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe is its amazing design. Without sacrificing the traditional, rugged looks of a classic hunting axe, it implements a curved, ergonomic handle.

Due to its inward curving, the handle provides a perfect grip and allow for comfortable and yet powerful axing action. This aspect is not something surprising because all Wetterlings axes are made in such a way that they provide comfort and a good grip for whoever is using them.

3: All-Around Efficiency

You may have noticed that this review does not mention any particular uses or abilities this axe has. That is because it was made to serve a multitude of purposes in an efficient manner.

Of course, it may not be the best axe in the market for splitting logs or brushing. However, it is capable of serving both these purposes and many others in a satisfactory way.

Cons of Wetterlings Classic Hunting Axe

1: Low-Quality Sheath

Using an unreliable snaps system and made from flimsy materials, Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe’s sheet is definitely not among the best in the market.

Is Wetterlings Classic Hunting Axe Worth Buying?

If nothing else, the portability and versatility of the Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe make it a product that is worth buying. This is particularly true for trekking enthusiasts, survivalists, and people who love camping and need a single tool to perform a variety of related tasks.

As if that was not enough, its high-quality materials and expert handcrafting ensure this is an axe that will last a long time without causing any problems whatsoever.

Summing It Up

After going through this tool’s features as well as its pros and cons, it can be concluded that Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe well-balanced and versatile enough to be taken into serious consideration. Without being the best at any particular task, it is an all-around axe that is perfect for backpacking.

Its ability to perform a great variety of tasks make it even more valuable, in many cases eliminating the need to get any other axe. Have you given the Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe a try? Let us know all about it in the comment section!

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Pamela M. Slocum