Truper Splitting Maul Review -The 32415 12-Pound Model

Splitting mauls are an important part of a wood splitter’s arsenal. They are referred to by many different names appreciated by professionals for the direct reference to tough and reliable wood cutting tools. Truper produces various kinds of wood splitting axes, mauls, and wedges. For difficult to split logs and blocks of wood, the 12-pound, model number 32415 is made for the most difficult splitting jobs. Here is a review explaining why the 12-pound Truper model is a great alternative for a splitting maul.

a red Truper 32415 12-Pound Splitting Maul with 27-Inch Steel Handle

The Power of a Steel Handle

A large number of axes and wood splitting tools come with either a wooden or a fiberglass handle. Nothing busts through a difficult block of wood than a steel handle though. The Truper splitting maul has 27-inch steel handle. This tool is made of heavy steel construction from the handle to the head.

That makes the 27-inch steel handle’s length important. A longer handle would have a tendency to wear you out faster. The shorter handle allows better control of the Truper splitting maul. You’ll be able to split longer, and with more precision.

You’ll also notice that the handle doubles in thickness the last 3 inches before the head is attached. This is a strike guard to help eliminate vibration when the force of the head and handle, strike a hard block of wood. Both fiberglass and wooden handles have a propensity to chip away slowly if a perfect strike is not made every single time.

With the extra thick steel strike guard on the Truper splitting maul, you won’t have to worry about achy fingers from constant handle reverberation. There also won’t be any chips or cracks in this handle if you miss your mark a few times.

12-Pound Head Means Power

A splitting maul head that weighs 5 or 6 pounds is common. The Truper splitting maul model 32415 has a dual steelhead that weighs twice that amount. When you bring 12 pounds of hardened steel down on anything, you’re going to see results. The imposing red color of the handle and head adds to the impressive power behind this maul.

When you bring so much power into each cut, the reasoning behind the steel handle becomes even more apparent. If Truper had tried to lighten the weight of the overall tool, it would have been hard to control each swing. You have a hardened steel cutting edge, then a wide-faced sledge to power wedges through hard to split blocks of wood.

Therefore, designers had to use a heavier grade of steel for the handle matched with a 12-pound head. This combination of hardened steel produces a powerful force. The physics behind a Truper splitting maul means that each time the axe head penetrates a block of wood; the splitting force will be intense.

The idea behind the heavy steelhead works the same if flipped over to the sledge side. With so much power behind each swing, wood splitters can drive wedges deeper and faster through each log. When you have this kind of weight in a splitting maul, you’ll work faster and more efficiently.

a large pile of tree logs on the ground in a forest

A Firm Grip

When you take a steel handle and weld a 12-pound combination head on the end, you’re going to want to be able to get a firm grip on such a powerful tool. The Truper splitting maul made sure to take care of that issue.

They appreciated that as a wood splitter, you would want to have the power of beefy maul, but be confident that you could get a solid grip. At the end of the 27-inch steel handle is sure-grip rubber handle. You can get a tight hold on the Truper splitting maul with, or without using gloves.

This useful feature allows you to split through a series of logs using a wedge. If you have more than one splitting wedge, you line your logs up in a row, each with a wedge lodged in a small groove. With a firm hold on the splitting maul, you’ll be able to work your way down the line swiftly.

Since you don’t necessarily need work gloves to ensure your grip, you can shift the wedges to new logs in an instant. This makes for faster wood splitting, but guarantees you have a tight grip on your Truper splitting maul every single time you bring it over your head, plunging down into a block of wood.

Warranty & Reputation

Truper has been a leader in the hardware industry for over a half a century. Their reputation for manufacturing quality tools, and standing behind these products, makes them a leader in the industry. What started out as a small workshop, producing a variety of hand tools like sledgehammers, pickaxes, trowels and vise clamps, now markets hundreds of useful tools. Each model carrying the Truper name is guaranteed for quality and durability.

The Truper tool catalog has thousands of articles and expert feature pieces on different hobbies and occupations that employ their tools. Their company mission is to put the best tool in your hands at the best possible price. This dedication has earned Truper a spot as one of the most renowned brands of hardware tools in the world.

Splitting thick blocks of wood takes a special type of cutting tool. Using a normal axe can take hours if you can even get the job done at all. You need a splitting maul. The 12-pound Truper splitting maul is the perfect tool for the tough jobs. There are going to be times when splitting certain types of hardwood and thick blocks may seem impossible.

Summing It Up

If you’re faced with what looks like an impossible wood splitting project, buy yourself a tool that has a reputation for handling all kinds and thicknesses of logs. That tool is the Truper splitting maul, and you should add one to your wood cutting arsenal before you realize you need one.

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Pamela M. Slocum