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A log splitting axe, as you have very likely guessed, is made to split wood.  A splitting axe accomplishes this thanks to a forged, heavy head shaped like a concave with a sharp edge.  The axe can then chop the wood by chopping along the wood fiber’s grain.  This makes it easy for the axe’s sharp edge to cut deeply and quickly into even the thickest logs without sinking into the wood and getting stuck.

A quality camping axe or bushcraft axe is easily one of the most versatile and powerful outdoor tools that you could ask for.  But you need to make sure that you have the top axe for the job; there are a lot of quality axes out there, and there are a lot of axes where the low price may reflect the low quality of the blade.

While expensive, one of the highest quality splitting axes you can buy is a Wetterling AxeWetterlings has been producing top quality axes in Sweden since the late 1800s.  The company strives to improve on each new model of axe by learning about the pros and cons of the past models in previous generations.  As a result, each new Wetterlings axe the company produces makes better use of cutting edge technology and functionality than the last.

Next, we’ll examine the two top Wetterlings splitting axes currently available on the market.

Wetterlings Bushman Axe by Les Stroud

Most of you probably know who Les Stroud is.  He’s the star of the popular survival TV show “Survivorman” where he embarks into the most dangerous wilderness locations throughout the world and films himself demonstrating how to survive with the bare essentials in that location for seven days.  Through his decades of experience, Stroud has undoubtedly learned what separates a top quality axe from a mid to low quality one.  For that reason alone, the axe he teamed up with Wetterling to make should be worth your serious consideration.

The Bushman Axe is a lightweight, durable, and yet perfectly proportioned splitting axe.  It’s strong enough to chop through even the thickest logs while also light enough to pack over long distances in unfavorable terrain.

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As with all axes that Wetterling produces, the Bushman axe comes equipped with a sturdy leather sheath and a slightly curved hickory handle.  Wetterling generally makes their axe handles thicker than other ones on the market, and the Bushman Axe is certainly no exception.

One of the most unique things about the Wetterlings Axe is that it is designed for a number of different functional applications.  In other words, Wetterling designed this axe with a variety of wilderness survival situations in mind.  While it is designed to be carried around in your backpack, when it comes to the action, the Wetterlings Bushman Axe can be used for felling small trees, splitting firewood, and chopping logs thanks to the wedge shaped head it features.

The only thing this axe can’t do, as most axes can’t, is hit steel; hitting steel head on with an axe not only blunts the blade, it can also pose a safety risk due to the steel splinters. It does, however, have a hammer on the back of its head for a variety of other uses.


Length: 22 inches

Weight of Head: 1.6 pounds

Overall Weight: just under 2.5 pounds

Steel: high carbon

Handle: Hickory

Origin: Sweden

S.A Wetterling Axe 29K Large Splitting Axe

Another high quality axe that is offered from Wetterlings is the S.A 29K Large Splitting Axe.  Like the Bushman axe, this axe comes equipped with a slightly curved hickory handle, and a brown leather sheath.  The cutting edge on the axe’s blade is two and three quarters inches, with an overall length of twenty nine inches.

This axe, like the Bushman, retails for around one hundred and fifty dollars.  But at the same time, however, you’re definitely paying for quality at that cost.  Don’t be surprised if this axe lasts you for a lifetime.  This axe comes sharp right out of the box thanks to Wetterlings’ expert forging.

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This axe can take on all types of wood, and with a back exclusively designed to split, makes the axe an excellent match for splitting wood. You can expect a substantial amount of force from this 5.3 lb axe and rather long handle, allowing you to use both hands to deliver a blow. Remember to split wood immediately following it being chopped when it’s still fresh.

The axe is delivered with a hickory handle and a leather sheath.

If there’s a notable con with this axe it’s not even the axe itself: it’s the sheath.  That’s right, the leather sheath Wetterling offers for this axe is rather wimpy.  The snap on the sheath is not near as strong as it should be and can easily become undone even if it’s merely rubbed up against other gear.  You may want to have a custom sheath with an enhanced snap made for safer protection.


Length: 29 inches

Weight: 5.3 lbs

Face: 7 cm

Handle: Hickory

Origin: Sweden


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