5 Best Throwing Axes

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Throwing Axes Have Many Purposes In The Modern World.


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On the one hand, they can be thrown at targets as a kind of exercise. This sport has risen in popularity in recent years.

Additionally, throwing axes can be used as a form of protection due to the damage they can cause. Some hunters use throwing axes when hunting their prey, as these tools are quite deadly.

Even further, these axes are so sharp that they can also be used to cut wood, making them quite versatile.

In this article, five of the best throwing axes on the market are discussed. A number of factors were considered when making these selections, including affordability, durability, accessories, materials used, and customer reviews. Towards the end of the article, some tips for using these axes are offered.

5 Best Throwing Axes

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In this section, five of the best throwing axes currently available are examined in greater detail.

Thrower Supply Throwing Axe

Throwing Axe - Win Your Next Viking Throwing Tomahawk Competition! 19" Hand Forged Hatchet from High Carbon Steel, NMLRA Approved, 100% Guaranteed from Defects
  • READY TO WIN YOUR NEXT THROWING COMPETITION? EQUIP YOURSELF WITH THE BEST -If you're a serious competitor, then you know in order to be the best you've got to have the best equipment. You're looking at the premier competition throwing axe on Amazon.
  • COMPETITION THROWING TOMAHAWK...BEST BALANCED 19" HATCHET FOR THROWERS -We've got the best blacksmith in the business who still forges these hawks by hand one-by-one. We then seat it with a premium A grade straight grain American Hickory hard wood handle; giving you unbeatable control and long-lasting durability & performance.
  • BALANCED, PRECISE, DURABLE, QUALITY CONSTRUCTION. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! -Weighing only 1.6lbs and having the perfect 3.75" blade edge allows you to impress your friends or battle competitors and experience your best throwing ever!
  • IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT OUR DESIGN - We use a friction fit system to secure the axe head to the handle. This means the axe head may separate from handle on bad impace. This is NORMAL. See description or product images for instructions to reinstall
  • NEED SPARE HANDLES OR A SHEATH AS WELL? Spare Handles can be found typing in ASIN B00B40GFWM or B00HN25IDC - Sheaths using ASIN - B00K85OENG or B00H85S7UK

The throwing axe from Thrower Supply can be purchased for on Amazon.

This product is ideal for serious competitors who want to win competitions. This is considered one of the most premiere throwing axes available, making it highly desired among throwers.

Many people think this company employs the best blacksmith in the business. Each tomahawk hatchet is forged by hand by this blacksmith, which is in contrast to some axes which are made by a machine. This gives each axe a unique touch that makes it well worth the money.

The head is made of high carbon steel while the handle is made with American Hickory hardwood. This combination of materials makes the product very durable and provides optimal balance when throwing the axe.

This axe weighs only 1.6 pounds, making it easy to hold. It has a blade edge of 3.75 inches, which maximizes your chances of hitting a target.

SOG Tomahawk Pack of 3 - Throwing Hawks Throwing Axe Set and Full Tang Tactical Hatchet Pack w/ 1.75 Inch Blades and Camping Axe Sheath (TH1001-CP), 9in. x 1.5in. x 12.5in., Black
  • 3 Stainless Steel Throwing Tomahawks: Each hardcased black throwing hatchet in this throwing axe set features 1.75-inch full tang tactical hatchet blade; tomahawk pack
  • 10.75 Inch Full-Tang Construction: Flimsy axes and hatchets are dangerous! This SOG tomahawk outdoor set is built to last and comes as sharp as any other SOG tactical tomahawk
  • Throw and Stick Easy: 25.4 oz. survival axe set is perfectly balanced for beginners or pros with superior grip and full-on fun right out of the box; these 8.4 oz. throwing axes feature removable paracord handles for your preferred grip/wrap
  • All-in-One Ballistic Nylon Hatchet Sheath: Carry your throwing hatchet set in one convenient 3-pocket throwing hatchet sheath; secure each tomahawk throwing axe in the camping axe sheath with Velcro straps
  • SOG for Life: Take care of your axes and hatchets and we’ll take care of you; we gladly consider repairs and replacements for your properly maintained SOG tomahawk throwing hatchets

This product from SOG comes with three throwing axes and can be purchased on Amazon.

Each axe is made of stainless steel, which makes them resistant to corrosion. Each axe also has a sharp, 2.4-inch blade. The beard drops low to optimize the cutting edge when throwing at a target.

This product also comes with a nylon sheath that allows you to carry all the axes at once. This is a fantastic accessory that many other products on the market don’t offer.

Each axe weighs only 18.6 ounces, making them some of the lightest on the market. Each axe is also only 11.1 inches in length. Many people love to take these to camping events, parties, and barbecues because they are so portable.

Each axe also comes with a paracord-wrapped handle that improves grip. However, this grip can be removed, making this tool quite dynamic.

Hand Forged Shawnee Throwing Tomahawk
  • Hand Forged in the USA
  • The head weighs about 1 lb.
  • 19 inch handle weighing about .5 lb
  • The total weight of the hawk is about 1.5 lbs
  • The Handle are dark Brown

The throwing axe from H&B Forge can be purchased on Amazon.

This axe has been hand forged in the US and weighs 1.5 pounds. The head weighs about a pound while the 19-inch handle weighs about half of a pound.

This product also comes with a brown sheath that makes the axe safer during transit. This sheath also protects the blade, making the axe more durable.

Many serious throwers love to use this axe in competitions, as they claim it increases their accuracy and precision.

This axe has a very natural look that you don’t get with some axes that are made by machines. Many reviewers have claimed that this is one of the most beautiful axes they have seen, as it has a rough, hand-forged aesthetic.

The main drawback of this axe is its price. If you are on a budget, then this price could be alienating. Alternatively, some reviewers have noted how long this axe lasts before needing repair. In this sense, the initial investment might pay off over time.

Cold Steel 90TH Trail Hawk American Hickory Handle, One Size
  • Sport type: Tactical & Military
  • Care instructions: Hand Wash
  • Overall Length: 22.00"
  • Handle Material: American Hickory
  • Blade Length: 6 1/2" (Hawk Length)

This product from Cold Steel can be purchased on Amazon, making it one of the most affordable axes on this list.

The axe’s handle is made from American Hickory while the axe’s head is made from 1055 carbon steel.

This product has been drop forged, which is considered one of the best methods of manufacturing any kind of impact weapon.

This axe is 22 inches long, making it one of the longest on this list. If you are tall, then this product would be ideal.

Many throwers love this axe because it’s so cheap. This allows you to buy many of these axes to use for practice. This could make your life more convenient, as you won’t have to fetch your axes as often when throwing at a target.

Also, many throwers are not ready to invest in an expensive axe. If you are just beginning to get serious about throwing, then this axe would be ideal.

Some customers have noted that the materials on this product are effective, but the finish and fit might need some work. This can actually be a benefit, as this encourages you to personalize the axe according to your preferences.

For example, some customers have noted removing the black coating from the head, sanding the handle, and putting on a grip. These modifications could be a great opportunity to turn this axe into a creative project. Many families enjoy buying these tools and then altering them as a form of bonding.

Rogue River Tactical Black 10-inch Survival Paracord Tomahawk Throwing Axe with Sheath Camping Hunting Fishing Survival Ax Full tang HAWK Hatchet
  • 10" Overall Axes, 5.5" w x 5" axe head and edge
  • Cord wrapped handle for easy Throwing
  • Comes with a Black Nylon Sheath with a belt loop for easy carrying
  • Comes in Colors: Black, Green, Blue, Gold, Rainbow and Red edge
  • Great for Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Hiking or Killing Zombies.

The axe from Rogue River Tactical can be purchased on Amazon.

For this price, customers also get a black sheath that has a belt loop, making this axe very portable.

At 10 inches long, this axe is quite small. This makes it very easy to throw, making it perfect for beginner throwers.

Due to its small size, many people take this axe with them on camping trips. It can be used for cutting and slicing, making it a great piece of equipment to have when adventuring in nature.

Many parents buy this product for their kids due to its lightweight design, as it weighs just under a pound. There is also a paracord-wrapped handle on this axe, making it comfortable to hold.

Additionally, this axe is made out of stainless steel, giving it a very durable build.  

Given its low price, this axe would be ideal for anyone on a budget.

Tips For Using A Throwing Axe

If you are throwing at a target, make sure that you situate the target away from other buildings and people. If this is your first time throwing axes, then it’s likely that you will miss the target. You don’t want to damage a building or injure someone.

Many people also like to make their own grip for use on these kinds of axes. While some of the above products come with grips, each person has unique preferences. You should experiment with different materials on the handle of your axe to determine what feels most comfortable and effective.

Some people might not even want a grip, as this could interfere with holding and releasing the axe.

It’s also important to keep these axes in sheaths when they are not in use, as this will help preserve the blade and minimize any accidents that could occur. If you have young children, then keeping the axe in a sheath is especially critical, as children could accidentally cut themselves.

Many experts recommend only handling axes when you have optimal energy. If you are fatigued, then you might improperly handle the axe, which could lead to injury.

For example, some people like to throw axes as a way of releasing strong emotions like anger or sadness. Yet, in these vulnerable states, you could get distracted and drop the axe, which could injure your foot.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t throw axes in order to deal with emotions, only that you should be extra cautious when doing so. 

Final Thoughts On Buying Throwing Axes

There are many axes to choose from when purchasing one for throwing. The five axes that you see above represent the cream of the crop when it comes to throwing axes. This is due to their affordability, durable construction, and comfortable grip.

If this is your first time purchasing this kind of tool, then many experts recommend using a more affordable axe, like the one from Cold Steel or Rogue River Tactical. It might take you a while to determine your preferences, so you don’t want to invest in an expensive axe only to find that you don’t like it.

At the end of the day, as long as you emphasize safety, you will love your throwing axe.

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