The Top 6 Most Efficient Survival Axes to Bring When Camping

Survival axes are a basic need for any extensive outdoor adventure. Their uses are diverse: chopping wood, cutting logs to make shelter, or to hunt. You never know what kind of challenge might face you in the woods, and the best thing you can do is be prepared. Even if you are going on a simple day hike, being equipped with a survival hike may just save your life. But, here comes the biggest challenge of all. What kind of survival axe to buy? Do you want a longer handle, a curved or straight handle, or type of axe blade? But don’t worry, we’ll be going over all of that in this top survival axe guide.

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The Best Survival Axes to Consider

1. Husqvarna Hatchet Axe

This survival axe is made of durable hickory wood providing a nicely gripped handle. It comes with a leather sheath to promote easy portability. Its strength comes from its curved handle, with the head fashioned on the handle by a steel wedge.

2. SOG Base Camp Axe

This SOG survival axe is entirely made from forged steel with rubber coverings. The head is 3.4 inches long and comes with a sheath for easy carrying while camping. Another great feature when buying this axe is that it comes with a lifetime warranty in case you lose it while fighting off bears in the wilderness.

3. Cold Steel Trail Boss with Hickory Handle

This highly durable survival axe is made of American Hickory wood fashioned into a straight handle for excellent performance. The head is made from drop forged 1055 Carbon giving a cleaner and stronger cut. This axe is perfect for cutting timber and clearing trails.

4. SOG Tactical Tomahawk Axe

a survival axe in a log

The SOG Tactical Tomahawk Axe is perfect for both working and defense. It is ultra lightweight, clocking in at only 1.5 pounds. The head is made of stainless steel and is attached to a fiberglass and nylon handle. This axe also features a gripped handle for easier use. This survival axe is durable and lightweight. It is longer and more slender than most other axes making it a great option for outdoor adventurers. It packs a surprisingly powerful kick making it great for survivalists expecting harsh conditions.

5. Snow and Nealley Hudson Bay Axe

This well-crafted survival axe features a carbon steel head and a 24” hickory handle. It weighs about 1 pound and 12 ounces, putting it in the mid-range weight category. The back end of the axe head can even be used as a hammer. If you are planning on doing some hunting while you are camping, this axe is a great choice for you. The Snow and Nealley Hudson Bay Axe can be used for skinning animals, as well as other regular camp activities.

6. Kershaw Duck Commander Camp Axe

This is one of the lightest survival axes on our list weighing just over a pound. This lightweight axe is super sturdy and durable thanks largely to its single piece construction. The Kershaw Duck Commander has a whimsical look, the head looks like a duck head, but don’t let that fool you. This is a serious piece of survival gear. Being so lightweight and compact, only 11” long, this axe is ideal for any outdoor adventurer.

Choosing the Right Survival Axe for You

Picking out the best survival axe for you will greatly depend on what type of activity you plan to use it for. There is a great variety of different axe models and sizes available for purchase. This means that you must take extra care when purchasing your axe, so you are getting the best product for your needs. Each and every one of the axes included on this list can perform regular camp chores like chopping firewood, kindling, and branches.

However, each survival axe also has its own area of expertise where it excels over all the others. The Husqvarna Hatchet Axe can also be used for whittling, carving, and making shelters. For regular camping activities, like building shelters and cooking rigs, you will want to purchase the SOG Base Camp Axe.

The Cold Steel Trail Boss is great to have while hiking in case you have to clear brush from your path or remove and felled trees. If you are looking for a survival axe that can double as a defense weapon, you want the SOG Tactical Tomahawk Axe. The ideal axe for hunters in the Snow and Nealley Hudson Bay Axe. The Kershaw Duck Commander Camp Axe is all around great for outdoor adventuring.

Being prepared on the trail is the most important thing to consider when buying any sort of outdoor tool. Survival axes aren’t toys, you have to think what type of axe will help save your life or make your life a little easier. Consider the materials all these axes are made out of, the structure, the weight, and the design.

If you’re still unsure what survival axe to get consider buying a basic axe and learning from it. Know what weight you are comfortable with, if a curved or straight handle is better for you, and what materials you would like the axe to be made from. Below, feel free to share any and all experiences with your own survival axes or how your experience was with the survival axes we mentioned above. Happy camping!

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Pamela M. Slocum