Stihl Splitting Axe / Maul Review – Options & Features

The Pro Stihl Splitting Maul weighs 6.6 pounds which is a healthy average for the maul market. A lot of wood cutters shared concerns whether or not the Pro Stihl Splitting Maul will be worth the price. This axe costs more than your typical $25 axe indeed. On the other hand, for some people, the price pales in comparison to what it accomplishes.

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Made in the United States, the Pro Stihl Splitting Maul offers quality that can truly catch your attention. You will quickly forget the price tag on some of the cheaper axes because this one cuts wood with optimal efficiency.

Stihl Splitting Axe / Maul: Quality Features

Because of the warning label on the maul, you want to stay away from splitting wood with a sledgehammer on top of it. This is probably so that no large chunks of steel from the axe or sledgehammer come flying back. However, this is uncommon for a maul, and you will find yourself splitting wood like you would with an axe.

The metal over-strike guard works like a charm and absorbs the impact and vibration of a bad swing. Nonetheless, you should still wear gloves to help deafen the impact. Here are some of the brilliant features of the Stihl Splitting Maul:

  • Excellent handle design so that you can focus on the swing.
  • Metal overstrike guard.
  • A highly obtuse edge.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Patented five-piece head attachment system.

Important to note, the Pro Stihl Splitting Maul will have better splitting capabilities against certain species of wood. For example, this axe chops right through cedar, pine, and even oak like a knife through butter. However, when cutting a harder type of wood like elm, the head strikes the wood and bounces off. This can happen with larger pieces of oak too. Considering the Pro Stihl Splitting Maul costs a pretty penny, it should cut through all types of wood without any difficulty.

This could be a weakness in how manufacturers designed the head, but it’s a small complaint. Be forewarned, if you do decide on the Pro Stihl Splitting Maul, you could face a steep learning curve if you have more experience with hardware store mauls. This is a different type of maul compared to the others as it does more cutting than the average splitting tools.

Stihl Splitting Axe / Maul: Are There Better Options?

If you find a sale, you can pick the Stihl up for around $70 instead of the full price. It feels great to swing, but are there better axes on the market?

You could compare this maul to Fiskars X27. In terms of weight, you have 6.6 pounds versus 6.3 pounds. Still, the shape of the head makes it a more effective choice than the X27. Meanwhile, in terms of length, the Fiskars has a 36-inch reach while the Pro Stihl Splitting Maul has a 35-inch reach. Nevertheless, you can’t overlook the fact that Fiskars X27 costs around $58, about half the price of the Pro Stihl Splitting Maul.

When looking at build, however, Stihl overshadows Fiskars’ frame. In fact, the solid design cannot be overstated. The makers used premium C60 steel and shaped it with an extra-large striking face for a premium splitting experience.

You can tell Stihl put more thought into their maul than just slapping a triangle on a stick and calling it a day. Comparing it to the $25 True Temper Maul, Stihl glistens with superiority. In fact, one reviewer commented on how their True Temper ax handle broke after a couple of swings. If you experience any trouble with the Pro Stihl Splitting Maul, you can call customer service at
(800) 467-8445.

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Is the Pro Stihl Splitting Maul Better Than Other Axes?

a new Stihl splitting maul

Why should wood cutters grit their teeth and pay the extra cash for this maul? As a maul, you have the Stihl brand on top, and it does not disappoint. Stihl maul is a re-branded Ochsenkopf. They use quality steel in this maul, and you feel it has been well built. A lot of smaller brands have tried to make mauls with less quality steel. Consequently, they have given the term, “maul” a bad reputation.

Because the maul was German made, the head of the maul sits way above the shoulder and looks kind of strange. Nonetheless, it does a phenomenal job when cutting wood. A lot of times, you can chop your wood with fewer swings because of the heavier weight on the head. Also, the premium American hickory wood handle feels like masterpiece quality.

Even with the $100 price tag, after using this Stihl log splitter axe for a couple of days, you will fall in love. The balance feels spectacular when you swing it while the artistry stretches beyond compare. Moreover, it’s still a few pounds lighter than the True Temper Maul mentioned earlier. What really sets this maul apart from the many others is how it solves a common demon that plagues the axe and maul world.

After a couple of years of cutting wood, the head starts to loosen and come up. Stihl beautifully addresses this problem with their patented five-piece head attachment system. This makes it 2.5 times stronger than your traditional axe head connection. It holds in place with a metal cap and cuts masterfully. With a lot of mauls, they mash the wood instead of cutting it. However, the Pro Stihl Splitting Maul gives you perfect cuts every time.

Here are a few other options for roughly the same size maul

Summing It Up

Despite the higher cost, this Stihl log splitter axe does not disappoint. The product excellent build and patented five-piece head attachment system. Woodcutters everywhere delight in the ease of use and quality craft. From the moment you hold it in your hands, you know you own a beautiful tool. Overall, you have one of the finest cutting tools that money can buy.

Have you ever used the Pro Stihl Splitting Maul? If so, we’d love to hear about your experiences and if you think it’s worth the money. If you have a better alternative maul that costs less, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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