Mintcraft PRO 34004 Wood Splitting Maul Review

A wood splitting maul is an essential tool for anybody who is looking to split wood for household use. Different from a wood splitting axe that serves a similar function, a maul’s head is heavy, and its handle is extended. These two features provide a reasonable swing force to let you split through wood easily and quickly.

In this post, we have scrutinized Mintcraft PRO 34004 features, benefits, and downsides, to let you gauge if it is a better deal than the wood splitting mauls you have been eyeing.

mintcraft pro 34004 wood splitting maul

Mintcraft PRO 34004 Wood’s Quality Features and Functions

Double Injection Fiber Glass Handle

Mintcraft PRO 34004’s handle is constructed from a double injected fiberglass. This is a stronger material than wood and plastic. Therefore, this handle would be a perfect match for those who are looking for a wood splitting maul that can handle heavy wood splitting tasks for quite an extended period.

Different from metallic handles that are also durable, the double injection fiberglass handle is virtually resistant to corrosion and rust. It is light in weight. The dual injection fiberglass also offers an excellent overstrike protection.

Mintcraft Pro 34004 Weight

One of the primary downsides associated with wood splitting mauls is their heavyweight that can strain your hands or fatigue you during long wood splitting working sessions. Unlike these heavyweight wood splitting mauls, Mintcraft Pro 34004 weighs 4.5 pounds, a lightweight that eliminates unnecessary fatigue and strain.

Besides eliminating fatigue and strain, the lightness also lets you carry your Mintcraft Pro 34004 easily.

Unique V- shape Steel Head

Mintcraft PRO 34004 features a uniquely designed V- shape steel head with a sharp edge to split effortlessly through thicker chunks of wood. Moreover, the steel head is resistant to rust and corrosion. It can retain its sharp edge for long.


Ergonomically, Mintcraft PRO 34004’s fiberglass handle comes equipped with a rubber grip strip. This is enough to deliver the comfort you need to split wood for long hours. Furthermore, the grip strip provides a secure grip for perfect swings and splits.

Product Details

You can purchase Mintcraft Pro 34004 online on Amazon platform.

Mintcraft PRO 34004 Pros

large wall of cut fire wood
• Cutting edge retains its sharp edge for a long time.
Unlike some cheap wood splitting mauls, Mintcraft 34004 can retain its sharp edge even after several uses. This saves you from the hassle of sharpening the wood splitting maul after a short use.

• It is constructed to serve you for long.
Mintcraft 34004 is built from a durable handle and cutting edge to withstand the wear resulting from regular wood splitting tasks. On that account, this maul would be an ideal investment for those who split wood on a daily basis.

• Classy and stylish appearance.
This wood splitting maul features an elegant finish of yellow and black colors that make it a good deal for those who are looking to incorporate style into their wood splitting tasks. Actually, you can gift Mintcraft Pro to a loved one who has been looking for a stylish but efficient wood splitting maul as well.

• Excellent for prolonged working sessions.
Unique from most wood splitting mauls sold out there, Mintcraft Pro 34004 comes with a plethora of features that let you split wood for extended working hours. Some of these features include the sharp cutting edge, the lightweight construction, and the ergonomic handle.

Mintcraft Pro 34004 Cons

As much as Mintcraft Pro 34004 looks like an ideal investment for wood splitters, the maul has its downsides that you would want to take into account before purchasing. Some of the common disadvantages reported by people who have tried the wood splitting maul include:

• Mintcraft 34004 is not the cheapest
Despite the fact that Mintcraft 34004 is a reasonably priced wood splitting maul, it is not the most competitive in the market. In fact, you can find a low price maul if you take your time shopping around with somewhat similar features.

• Mintcraft Pro may not be an excellent option for splitting stubborn logs.
If you are looking for a wood splitting maul that can handle thick and stubborn logs efficiently, then we suggest that you look for a maul with a heavy axe head that can generate a powerful striking force. Mintcraft Pro’s lightweight requires more effort to split heavy and stubborn logs.

• The rubber strip on the handle starts to peel off after a period of use.
Some customers who have tried this wood splitting maul say that the rubber strip on the handle begins to peel off after a time of use. On that account, the handle may feel uncomfortable after losing its rubber grip.

Is Mintcraft Pro 34004 Wood Splitting Maul Worth Buying?

From our review above, we would say that Mintcraft Pro 34004 wood splitting maul is worth purchasing since its benefits outweigh the downsides. Some of the great reasons why we would recommend this wood splitting maul include the durable construction that is tough enough to handle tough wood splitting tasks.

In addition to the sturdy construction, the wood splitting maul’s ergonomic handle delivers the comfort and grip you need to handle the demanding wood splitting tasks. However, some people who have tried this Mintcraft 34004 claim that the rubber grips peel off after a period of use.

You may also want to purchase this wood splitting maul because it is light in weight, it has a stylish appearance, and its edge retains its sharpness for a reasonable time.

In Conclusion

We believe that our analysis of Mintcraft Pro 34004’s features, pros, and benefits will help you make a sound purchasing decision. If you have been looking for an excellent maul for your wood splitting task, we suggest that you try it out confidently.

If you have ever owned or used this wood splitting maul, you can share your experience to enlighten those who are eyeing it.

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Pamela M. Slocum