Leveraxe Review – The Vipurkives 36-Inch Model

In this Leveraxe review, we will look at everything related to the product to help you decide if this will be the best asset for you. The weight of the axe has been lowered by one pound compared to its previous model. On top of that, it comes with a new design intended for both speed and lightness.

Clients employed this well-crafted tool as a wood splitting axe. The head splits firewood of almost any type and diameter of log. The design received innovative tweaks to produce a lever-like action where the axe sinks deep into the wood to split it with great precision. Compared to other traditional axes, less force is needed to split wood. This will save you energy. Let’s take a look at what’s under the hood of such a popular selection of an axe.

Leveraxe Classic MX - 36 inch Splitting Axe, Vipukirves
  • LEVERAXE CLASSIC MX is very efficient and enjoyable tool for chopping wood
  • Leveraxe's innovated design produces a levering action as it sinks into the wood. Less force is required to split the wood compared to traditional axes.
  • The hook on the back of the axe is a brake. This feature stops the axe on top of the wood, not allowing it to go into the ground or the user's leg.
  • Leveraxe's high quality steel head weighs 4.18 lbs. This light weight axe allows women and men of all abilities to split firewood with ease.
  • Length: 35.5 inches -Total weight: 5.5 lbs -Axe head weight: 4.18 lbs

 Features and Functions

  • This axe is light as a feather. It strikes the wood with the precision of a hawk.
  • Made from stainless steel, this metal prevents rusting.
  • A hook on the back of this axe serves as a brake to avoid the head getting locked in the wood.

When it comes to the choices with this ax, you can select from 3 different options. You can choose from the Leveraxe 2, the Red and Black or the “Red, Black” from Finland. The “Red, Black” axe costs $209 only, while the other two cost $269. Because it doesn’t weigh much, men and women of all constructions will have the option to cut wood without feeling inhibited.

In this Leveraxe review, we look at the Vipurkives 36-Inch model. With this tool, you can create planks of wood within several minutes. Moreover, if you have a wood stove, splitting wood becomes somewhat of an easy ritual. As a result, buying this axe can save you a lot of cash in the long run.

If you decide to go with the first edition, it will complete the same tasks. The main difference is that it will this with a little more weight to add momentum. However, this is not necessary in many cases. You can plank a smaller cut, and the cool thing about this axe is that you can dramatically improve the burn of an outdoor fire to create more of a center controlled burn.

In this Leveraxe review, we discovered that this axe completes every task it says it is cut out for. This is one of the many tools you might choose to complete the tasks you have for it. There will be times when the maul will make for a better tool. However, certain occasions ask for a well-built axe like a Leveraxe.

The Pros of Leveraxe Vipurkives 36-inch Model

Leveraxe Classic MX - 36 inch Splitting Axe, Vipukirves

As stated before in this Leveraxe review, the axe delivers good value. It looks somewhat unique, and at the same time, it operates exactly as advertised.

In general, this is a fairly light axe. Therefore, you won’t get tired as you carry it into the forest with you to split some wood.

In addition, it has a longer handle than what you might get with a splitting maul. Another one of the excellent things about the design is how it helps you to chop into the wood without going so deep that it gets stuck. You can make a few more chops on the same stubborn log without having to force the head out of the log.

  • Made from lightweight materials.
  • The design keeps the axe head from getting stuck in the wood.
  • You have a longer handle than what you get with a splitting maul. This benefit adds to your momentum.
  • The function of this product is excellent.
  • Creates planks of wood within several minutes.
  • Finishes all the tasks you might have in mind for it.

The Cons of the Leveraxe Vipurkives 36-inch Model

This Leveraxe review will highlight one of the biggest cons around this product. This is about the outrageous cost that can somewhat feel like an unbalanced price-quality ratio.

Granted, you have a great asset to complete the job. On the other hand, it comes at such an inaccessible price that many people will feel turned away by it. Some users consider that such a simple tool doesn’t need massive investment.

Some of the other problems with this axe include how some people found the handle uncomfortable to use. After a little bit of use, the handle came undone and wasn’t usable. Another problem is the amount of energy you have to expend while trying to control the axe. This inconvenient makes it less worth it. The axe is asymmetrical, which can be limiting because you end up circling around or rotating it.

  • Overpriced due to market criterion where similar products share same price tag.
  • The handle feels uncomfortable on the hands as you split wood.
  • Energy expended in an attempt to control the axe makes it feel less worth it.

Is the Leveraxe Vipurkives 36-inch Model Worth It?

Whether the Leveraxe is worth it or not depends on how much you’re willing to spend without feeling foolish. This is definitely on the pricier end of the scale, and for some people, it won’t be worth the high price tag. You can find a lot of cheaper choices out there that will cost you much less and perform the same task.

For someone who usually goes out into the woods regularly to split logs, this is a product that will make your job easier. Nonetheless, you can probably find some competing products that will accomplish the same chore at a lower price.

In Conclusion

Do you own the Leveraxe Vipurkives 36-inch model? While we have written this Leveraxe review to share our knowledge about it, we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on it. This axe will only appeal to a specific kind of buyer because of the higher asking price for it. However, some people might find its worth it to spend that much on an axe to swing a worthy product in the woods.

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Pamela M. Slocum