Husqvarna 30″ Wooden Splitting Axe Review

When you’re chopping wood, you can’t settle for second best. If you want to get your work done efficiently in time to protect your loved ones from the worst of the winter, you’ll need a good axe to do the job. In the event you find yourself looking for something new, you might have just found a match in the Husqvarna 30 inch wooden splitting axe.

The Husqvarna is a 30 inch long axe specialized for splitting large chunks of wood with little effort. It’s a great axe all around, and we’ll tell you why. Let’s go over what makes the Husqvarna 30 inch wooden splitting axe such a great tool. We’ll cover what it’s made from, what kind of jobs it can handle, and more.

Husqvarna 30' Wooden Splitting Axe, Large

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The Husqvarna 30 Inch Axe’s Quality Features

The Husqvarna 30 inch wooden splitting axe is a work of true craftsmanship. Not only is it an effective cutting tool, but it’s also nice to look at. A robust and rugged hickory wood handle ensures you’ll get plenty of years of use out of this axe. That’s because this kind of material is not likely to snap or wear down for quite some time. Its length also helps to add power to your swings and is perfect for a two-handed grip.

The axe head is made of Swedish axe steel. This steel is in turn treated to stand up to repeated blows without significantly dulling. It’s also constructed in such a way as to easily and cleanly split pieces of wood with little resistance. For the most secure fit possible, it’s fixed in place on top of the handle with both a wood and steel wedge. This robust build ensures it won’t slip out of place in the middle of chopping.

Pros of the Husqvarna 30 Inch Axe

In terms of positives, the Husqvarna 30 inch axe has a lot of them. As mentioned previously, the 30 inch long handle this axe comes with helps to increase the power of your swings. This is one of the main reasons it’s so good at chopping larger, thicker pieces of wood. The specially designed head is made in such a way as to easily split the wood you chop, saving time and energy during each use.

With proper maintenance, this axe should be able to last for many years given the high-quality materials that go into making it. People can find a use for it in most situations where you could conceivably need an axe. The power in each blow makes it useful for splitting even the biggest pieces of wood and chopping down trees, while its ergonomic design can give you the control needed for smaller pieces.

Husqvarna 30" Wooden Splitting Axe, Large
  • Best suited for splitting thicker wood
  • Head is attached to the hickory shaft using both a wooden and Steel Wedge to secure fastening
  • Head is designed to go easy into the wood, with minimal effort by the chopper and split the wood in two parts
  • Long handle creates extra power and Utilizes a two-hand grip
  • Includes a leather edge cover

Cons of the Husqvarna 30 Inch Axe

All that said, there are some negatives with this product. As with any axe, neglecting maintenance and sharpening will lead to a broken tool. This makes it crucial that you clean and oil your axe after each use.

A bigger issue, however, is the possibility of handle shrinkage. If kept in a warm environment, the hickory wood used for the handle could expand. At this point, it will shrink down when exposed to the cold. If this happens repeatedly, it could cause the axe head to fly off mid-swing, potentially injuring someone or breaking your property.

Additionally, while not a common issue, some buyers have had the misfortune of their axe breaking shortly after the first use. This manifests most commonly with the edge of the blade snapping off midway up the head. As said before, this isn’t an extremely common issue, though enough people have had this defect that it’s worth considering before buying even if it’s covered by the 90-day warranty.

Is the Husqvarna 30 Inch Axe Worth Buying?

splinted fire wood deposit with target game attached next to door

The Husqvarna 30 inch wooden splitting axe is a great tool for anyone in need of chopping wood. Made of good quality materials and specialized for cutting through even the largest pieces of wood, you’ll never find yourself wanting anything else when you’ve got one of these in your hands. Designed to maximize the power in each swing, it’ll shave off the time it takes in cutting trees and firewood the same way it splits them in half.

That being said, as efficient as this axe is, it may not be right for everyone. If you only find yourself needing to chop wood once or twice a year, this will certainly do what you need it to.

In Conclusion

Axes are important tools for camping and home life. Therefore, you should be sure to get one you can be happy with. The Husqvarna 30 inch wooden splitting axe is a top contender in this sense with its comfortable hickory handle and sharp Swedish steel head. Designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind, it can get the job done and then some no matter how big your workload.

If this seems like what you’re looking for, you might want to try it out, and. If you’ve already gotten your hands on a Husqvarna 30 inch axe, tell us what you think down in the comments.

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