9 Best Gransfors Bruks Carving Axe Options

Carving axes shape wood, carve intricate sculptures, produce the logs for cabins, or hollow out handmade canoes. There are a number of respectable carving tools on the market, but few compare in quality to the Gransfors Bruks carving axe. Carving axe designs are unique to the individual wood carver, but they must be easy to handle and durable.

Gransfors Bruks has over a century of experience and produces some of the highest quality carving axes in the world. Each Gransfors Bruks carving axe that leaves the forge is marked with the personalized initials of the craftsman. Here is the story behind these excellent carving axes and nine models, each with a special purpose for the avid wood carver.

a Gransfors Bruks axe head in a leather sheath

9 Durable & Easy to Handle Gransfors Bruks Axes

There are nine different models of handheld axes offered by Gransfors Bruks. There are three types of carving axes and six other axe versions for specialized carving jobs. Three models have matching heads with different handle lengths and the others provide unique carving heads. Each model is manufactured with the distinctive Gransfors Bruks commitment to quality and perfection.

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1. Small Carving Hatchet

a Gransfors Bruks small carving hatchet

The small carving hatchet has a similar head design to the standard carving hatchet, but with a more curved handle. This gives a better grip to provide enhanced axe control for intricate carving.

2. Large Carving Hatchet

a Gransfors Bruks large carving hatchet

This model has the same head as the wildlife hatchet, but like the small carving hatchet, changes the handle. This Gransfors Bruks carving axe handle modification is specifically to improve axe control.

3. Carpenter’s Axe

 large Gransfors Bruks carpenter axe

The carpenter’s axe has a longer and straighter cutting edge for faster carving. This axe is great for removing a lot of wood quickly. There is also a straight handle to reduce vibration.

4. Small Straight Adze

a Gransfors Bruks small straight adze

Gransfors uses the old-fashioned Scandinavian axe design for this useful model. It uses a transverse cutting edge, allowing you to use the Gransfors Bruks carving axe like a chisel.

5. Large Straight Adze

a Gransfors Bruks large straight adze

This is axe is the same as the small straight adze but is built for large-scale wood removal. The handle is just over 2 feet long and eliminates arm stress by reducing vibration.

6. Small Gutter Adze

a small gutter adze by Gransfors Bruks

The gutter adze has a different cutting head than all the other models. It is rounded up on both ends for hollowing out timber. A Gransfors Bruks carving axe gutter adze is essential for canoe carving and making notches for log cabins.

7. Large Gutter Adze

a large Gransfors gutter adzeThis gutter adze has the same arched shape as the smaller version. However, it provides a handle more than double the length for situations that require faster wood removal or working between your legs. This is an excellent first stage Gransfors Bruks carving axe for hollowing out a canoe.

8. Broad Axe Model 1900

the Gransfors Bruks broad axe

When you view the Broad Axe Model 1900 for the first time, you’ll immediately think Colonial Era log cabin. That is exactly the purpose of the broadaxe head used in this Gransfors Bruks carving axe model. It is great for squaring logs for unique landscape borders or log cabin walls and you can choose from three different head shapes for more specialized carving.

9. Mortise Axe

a Gransfors Bruks mortise axe

The last of the Gransfors Bruks carving axe models is the Mortise Axe. This head design is the one with the most specific use. It’s okay for shaping and squaring, but the small sharp cutting edge, with a heavy head, is perfect for hewing windowsills and notching all kinds of joints.

Why You Should Use a Gransfors Bruks Carving Axe

When expert carvers discuss the different models and qualities of carving axes the Gransfors Bruks models are always at or near the top. They have decades of experience in building the perfect carving axe for any job.

Gransfors Bruks has over 100 years experience building handcrafted wood carving and cutting tools, designed by experts. Each Gransfors Bruks carving axe has the initials of the master smith who produced that specific axe.

There is no higher judge of true quality than to put a stamp of personalization like that on a product. These are the best carving axes made by the best carving axe makers. They maintain a small family of 30 employees to handle production and sales.

Although Gransfors axes are more expensive than other axes on the market, all costing over $100, they exceed one’s expectations due to their quality and durability.

Impeccable Handcrafted Quality for Over a Century

Gransfors Bruks has been exporting their trademark axes, each individually handcrafted, since 1920. The first axes produced in the early 1900s laid the foundation for what is today one of the finest quality wood carving products on the market. They use alloyed steel with a high carbon content.

Precision & Quality in the Manufacturing Process

This steel is heated to 1200 degrees Celsius until it burns a vibrant red glow. Then the smith uses a press machine to shape the axe head. They employ nearly 80 strikes per minute at a force of 180 tons with each strike. The result is a perfectly forged axe head from a lump of cold steel.

Fellow Scandinavian Olof Ericksson assumed control of the business in the mid-1940s and continued this traditional method of producing quality carving axes. Each carving axe manufactured by Gransfors Bruks believes the axe is only as good as the accumulated skills of everyone involved in each step of the production process.

They follow environmentally conscious production procedures, plus check quality control for each axe at multiple stages in production. The Gransfors Bruks business model rigidly adheres to good corporate responsibility. They strive to conserve natural resources, generate minimal waste and continually look for ways to perfect the manufacturing process of Gransfors Bruks carving axes.

Drawing to a Close

Carving intricate wooden sculptures is a wonderful hobby and something that can turn into a lucrative occupation if you have the talent. No matter how much talent you have as a carver, without the right axe you seriously limit your abilities.

The Gransfors Bruks carving axe is one of the finest models available, and you will be hard-pressed to find a better axe. Gransfors Bruks adheres to smart production principles and consistently inspects for quality control, guaranteeing that every axe they sell is only the best.

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