Gerber Splitting II Axe Review

If you have experience with a wood splitting axe, you are probably aware of the fact that the sharpness of the blade isn’t the most important thing.  After all, you’re not cutting wood with an axe — you’re splitting it right in half.

When splitting wood, you always want to split it right down the lines.  Place the piece of woods on its end and on some sort of a chopping block if you can to keep it fully stable.  Without a chopping block, it’s very possible for you to dull your wood chopping axe the more and more it cuts into the ground.

As the old adage goes, you always need the right tool for the job.  One of the best axes for splitting wood is none other than the Gerber Splitting II Axe.  Whether you’re stocking up on wood for the winter or just need to put a campfire together, this is the right tool for the job.

Features of the Gerber Wood Splitting Axe 

Gerber 23.5-Inch Axe [31-002651]

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Gerber Legendary Blades, otherwise known simply as Gerber, is one of the most popular and top of the line producers of high quality blade tools located in the United States.  Headquartered in Portland and with a history that dates all the way back to 1939, Gerber has delivered over seventy years worth of dependability, value and innovation into their products, and backs up what they speak with their famous lifetime warranty.

But what really makes a Gerber axe one of the top choices other than their brand name?  For one thing, the Gerber Splitting II axe comes equipped with a comfortable handle made out of a material Gerber calls Fibercomp, which is actually a glass filled nylon frame.  This not only makes the axe very comfortable to wield and well balanced, it also allows it to absorb shock from each strike as well.

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This will be especially critical for if you miss strikes and hit the chopping block or the ground, as missing the log can send shock into the hands.  The glass filled nylon frame also makes the axe very lightweight and durable at the same time (many handguns are constructed out of a glass filled nylon frame for the same reasons).

Durability is also something that Gerber always invests into their products including their wood chopping axes, and the Splitting II Axe is certainly no exception.  The blade is constructed out of a high quality, strong stainless steel and is designed to withstand much of the abuse that other brands of axes would fall victim to.  This steel also has a sharp edge to it, allowing it to neatly slice through whatever wood you put on the chopping block.

One of the neat features of the Splitting Axe II is how the taper of the blade is flared in a similar manner as a splitting wedge.  A wedge is a tool that is used to break apart a log after being driven in with a hammer.  By taking the wedge out of the picture, this saves you an additional step, which only makes the axe far more effective at what it is supposed to do.

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Many axe reviews will tell you about how the Gerber Splitting II Axe has the ability to split all kinds of logs, large and small, with a single strike.  The pure science of it all can attest to that as well.  This surface of the axe blade is coated with a low friction substance, allowing it to slice through wood without sticking to it.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by bringing your wood cutting axe down right on the middle of the log only for the blade to become stuck in the wood, requiring you to work hard to wrestle the blade out, you’ll be comforted in knowing that the chances of you experiencing that again with the Gerber Splitting II Axe are incredibly small.  This, combined with the perfect balance of the blade and handle ration, allows you to swing it with a solid feel for maximum efficiency.

Gerber Splitting Axe Specifications

  • Blade Length: 3.2 Inches
  • Overall Length: 28.5 Inches
  • Weight: 87 Ounces (or five in a half pounds)
  • Made In: Finland
  • Material of Blade: Forged Steel
  • Material of Handle: Fibercomp

All in all, there are few other wood splitting axes on the market with the chopping strength the Gerber delivers.  There are a large number of positives to the Splitting II Axe that can be brought up in its favor and pathetically little that can be brought up against it.

With a light enough weight and controllable length, this axe is just the right size for a wide variety of tasks.  Plus, the durable Fibercomp handle, stainless steel sharp blade, and tactile grip means you won’t find a better balance and swing for your next log on the chopping block.

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