Fire Axe: Everything You Need To Know

Axes are some of the oldest tools that humans still use

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Firefighters use fire axes frequently on the job, as these tools help them break into buildings and rescue victims.

What a Fire Axe is
There are many types of axes used regularly to aid in multiple chopping and cutting tasks that are done by hand. Axes provide the necessary cutting edge to slice through hard objects, but they also contribute the needed weight to work their way deeper into dense materials such as wood and branches.

In the case of a fire axe, a special assortment of qualities are called for. These axes allow skilled firefighters to do their jobs much more effectively by providing special functional design details that are well suited for use in dangerous environments. A fire axe's optimizations are relatively straightforward, yet extremely useful in emergency situations.

This type of axe uses a pick-shaped poll that has a strong point on it and is positioned on the opposite end from the axe's cutting edge. Fire axes are also typically colored bright red or neon for added visibility.

In this article, five of the best fire axes are discussed in greater detail. Towards the end of the article, some tips for using this tool are provided as well as some thoughts on the future of fire axes.

Fire Axe

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The best fire axes on the market are examined in this section.

Leatherhood Tools Flat Axe

This flat axe from Leatherhood Tools can be purchased online for $115.95.

This axe weighs eight pounds and is 36 inches long. It’s available with an orange, lime, or yellow handle.  

This is one of the best fire axes because its handle is made from pultruded fiberglass, which makes it very rugged. It would be ideal for any kind of breaching work, like breaking into a burning building.

There is also a non-slip grip on the handle. This makes it ideal for use in extreme climates when the conditions could make an axe difficult to carry.

For example, a firefighter might get their hands wet when trying to put out a fire with a hose. Having to carry an axe without this special, non-slip grip could make it difficult for the firefighter to perform his job.

Many firefighters love the color options on this product. All of the colors are vibrant, allowing firefighters to stand out in dark or smoky environments.

The tool is also popular due to its manufacturer, Leatherhood Tools. This company is known for making high-quality tools, making them one of the most trusted company’s in the industry.

Fire Hooks Unlimited Firemaxx Tool

This tool from Fire Hooks Unlimited can be purchased online for $150.95

This is a very versatile tool, making it one of the best axes for firefighters.

In addition to being used as a traditional axe, this tool can be used as a hammer, windshield cutter, water shut-off, battery disconnect, and drywall cutter among many other uses.

If you want to travel with as few items as possible, then this tool would be ideal. Many firefighters don’t have room for extra supplies when they break into a house. This tool would be ideal in such moments of crisis.

Council Tool’s Double Bit Fire Axe

This axe from Council Tool can be purchased online for $44.39, making it one of the cheapest products on this list.

This low price makes it ideal for everyday usage. Many fire departments purchase this tool in bulk because it’s so affordable. It can be easily replaced if it's lost or damaged.

This is one of the best products on the market due to its double bit head. This makes the tool very efficient if you need to break into a building or chop through materials.

This axe weighs 3.5 pounds. The head is coated with black enamel while the cutting edges are coated in clear lacquer. These materials help prevent rust from shortening the lifespan of the product.

The handle is 36 inches and is made of pultruded structural fiberglass core. The exterior of the handle is made of an injection molded jacket. These materials make the axe very rugged.

Nuply Corp Classic Pulaski Fire Axe

This axe from Nuply Corp can be purchased online $59.39.

The handle is made through a complicated process that prevents it from absorbing moisture and conducting heat or cold.

The handle has a deer-foot grip style in order to prevent slippage in wet environments. This means you don’t have to strain your arm when holding this tool, which helps firefighters preserve their energy on site.

The handle is also ideal because it is unaffected by fungus, termites or dry rot, which is common with wood handles. The solid fiberglass core of the handle makes it resistant to many different types of chemicals, which means you can trust this tool under almost any condition.

Fiberglass handles often require less maintenance than wood handles require. This allows you to focus more on using the axe than taking care of it, which could make you more efficient.

Many firefighters use this tool when digging fire lines, whether that’s in soft or hard soils.

The Badaxx Tool

Beyond having one of the best names of any axe on the market, this tool from Badaxx is revered for its 4.5-inch pick. This pick can drive into the majority of materials in order to provide balance in unstable

This tool ranges in price from $299.99 to $324.99 depending on what length and color option you select. Customers can choose from gloss black, matte black, blue, orange, pink, or red. There is also a 30-inch and 34-inch tool.

The handle is made of aluminum and has a hole that will support a rope. This makes this tool amenable to rappelling and bailout scenarios.

There is also a pocket on the top of the head which can be used as a shutoff valve. This would be ideal for use with a water or gas meter.

This tool also has two styles of hydrant wrenches, making it very dynamic.

Police officers, tactical forces, and first responders often use this tool, which is a testament to how multi-functional it is.

This tool weighs 8 pounds. This weight could be used as a benefit in certain situations when a heavy object is needed.

Tips for Using a Fire Axe

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Many people forget that you don’t have to be a firefighter in order to use a fire axe. These tools are very versatile and are beneficial to have around regardless of your job.

Having one of these tools around could be a great way to cut through materials like wood or wire. If you are involved in some kind of demolition work, then having one of these axes would allow you to break through doors and walls with ease.

Many experts recommend carrying your axe in a sheath, as this prevents its blade from cutting you during transit. Sheaths can be purchased online or made at home.

It’s also important to keep this kind of tool out of reach of young children. They could accidentally drop this tool on their foot or cut themselves, leading to a significant injury.

Also, before purchasing one of these tools, you should try out several axes in person. This will help determine your preferences, which will influence your buying decision.

For example, some people might realize that they want a heavy axe while others might realize that they want a light axe.

Many firefighters even have multiple kinds of these tools to ensure that they are well-equipped for every scenario.

As a firefighter, you should test out this tool before using it on site. This ensures that the tool feels comfortable in your hands. If it feels uncomfortable, you should return it. Discomfort could be distracting when trying to save a fire victim.

Final Thoughts on the Future of Fire Axes

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Fire axes will continue to be popular as long as there are firefighters to put out fires.

In the future, these tools will be much more advanced than they are now, improving the efficiency of firefighters.

It’s likely that future axes for firefighters will have artificial intelligence integrated into their design. This would allow them to analyze the surrounding conditions and advise firefighters on the best route of entry during a fire. 

Future axes could feature GPS technology that allows them to determine the location of the firefighter. If the firefighter gets lost or injured, then this technology could be used to save him.

Future axes could also be made of advanced materials that are both strong and lightweight. This would allow firefighters to easily carry these tools without getting fatigued.

Future fire axes might even have microprocessor chips and display screens, allowing them to function similar to a smartphone or computer. This might allow firefighters to communicate with each other through a single tool. There would be no need to carry a bunch of extra supplies when an artificially intelligent axe is available.

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