All You Need to Know about Choosing a Camp Axe (and 5 Models You Need to Know)

A camp axe is one of the essential tools you can’t do without on a trip into the woods. Because of its importance, not just any camping axe will serve you well. You will need to get yourself the best one. The question is do you know how to pick the best camp axe for your needs?

If you answered no or not sure, don’t worry, we’ll get you the best one for your next purchase. But before we look at a couple of the best ones on the market, let’s first look at what a camp axe is and some of its major functions.


Understanding Camp Axes – Form, Features, and Function

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A camp axe is simply an axe you go camping with, right? Yes and no. Yes, it is an axe. And no, it’s not just any regular axe. There are many types of axes, which serve different purposes. A camping axe is just but one type of axe, essentially a small version of the larger traditional axes. They come with a variety of handle sizes depending on what their major purpose of use is. Which brings us to the question - how do you choose your camp axe?

Choosing Your Camp Axe - Function

A top consideration as you look for your next camp axe is what your main purpose for it – its function. True, most of its duties will be to chop wood, cutting, trimming, driving, and sometimes even digging. And yes, once in an odd while, you may have to use it in self-defense. A camp axe is a versatile piece of equipment whose uses are limitless. But to make the most of your camp axe, you need to pick one that fits into the functions you want to use it for.

Choosing Your Camp Axe – Features

Another great way of making sure you pick the best camp axe for yourself is to consider the features you would want in a camp axe. For example, how long do you want the handle to be? Shorter handles offer greater control while longer handles allow you to apply more force. Do you need it to have a flat top for hammering and driving?

Choosing a camp axe is easy if you know what features you want in an axe. However, you will have to know that no one axe has it all. Sometimes, you may have to carry two, but most of the time, you will have to make some concessions.

Choosing Your Camp Axe – Form

As it goes with all gear, you need to look for something that is comfortable to use and aesthetically pleasing to your eye. This is where the form factor comes into play. A camping axe’s design is critical if you are to use it efficiently and safely.

The form factor includes the shape of the axe head and its handle, their size, the grip of the handle, and any other design features that would make for the best axe for you. In this regard, it is a matter of choice – your choice.

Pickel camp axe

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The Non-Negotiables of a Camp Axe

While the above factors are negotiable when it comes to choosing the best camp axe for your adventures, there are some factors that are non-negotiable. Every camp axe must have them. Let’s look at a few of them, shall we?

1. Safety

An axe is a very dangerous tool if used wrongly. Even if you are using it right, accidents can happen. This is why safety mu​​st be a priority when it comes to every camp axe. The greatest point of concern when it comes to the safety of an axe is what holds the head and the handle together. This is especially important because axe heads can be heavy and the axe itself is subjected to extreme force when being used. If the head should become lose it’s a sure recipe for disaster.

It is also important that your axe has a sheath. If it doesn’t come with one get one. The sheath will protect the axe’s sharp edge from being damaged and it also keeps it from causing damage to people and other equipment.

2. Materials Used

With the advancements in technology, there’s no reason an axe should be made from poor materials that easily get corroded. This is why when you are looking for a camp axe, make sure the axe head is made from rust-resistant material and the handle either from a good polymer or a hard coated timber. Forged steel is a great example.

The materials used will also determine the quality of grip the handle affords and the ease of sharpening when it comes to the axe head. All these are factors that determine your experience with the axe – good or bad.

The Best Camp Axe – The Top 5

Let’s take a look at some of the best camp axes you can choose from for your next camping trip. We’ll look at different types that excel in different areas. 


Let’s start with the one we’ve already look at in the example above – the Klecker Knives KLAX Lumberjack. The KLAX is a brilliant camp axe that has revolutionized the way axes are made. It has moved axe design forward after it has basically been
stagnant for centuries. The KLAX is basically not a complete axe as it doesn’t come with a handle. You have to purchase the handle separately, or better yet, use the axe head to sculpt your own. This is easy as the unique clamping system allows it to fit snugly to any type of handle.

The major factor that distinguishes the KLAX from other axes is that apart from being an axe, it’s a great multitool that features almost 10 tools. Apart from being fully functional, the KLAX is also a gorgeous work of art. It’s also portable, making it easy to carry around and store (it comes in a sheath). For this kind of technology, expect to pop out more than you would have to with a regular axe head. This 3.5 out of 5 stars rated tool is definitely worth it as it makes for a very good camp axe.


From a camp axe from the future, we turn to a tried and tested design. Don’t get me wrong, the CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk is not your regular bland axe. It sports a sharp modern look with functionality to back it up. This is one axe that is easy to use with one hand, features a traditional flat grind, and comes with a nicely polished wooden handle.  

This camp axe was built to work, thanks to its powerful 4.21-inch that is sharp and hard enough to tackle anything you throw at it.  It also has a tough hammering surface that works as a superb driver, more like a small sledgehammer. For a 2-pound camp axe, the CRKT packs enough power and functionality to make it compete with some full-sized models. For a $42.00 axe, the 4.2 out of 5 stars rated CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk is a great bargain.


If you’re looking for a small, lightweight camp axe that you can easily take with you as you hike in the woods, the SOG F09N-CP hand axe is it. Featuring a small axe head (420 steel) that affords exceptional precision and a sturdy yet comfortable G10 handle, this is a camp axe every camper should have.

Thanks to the short handle, it makes a good axe for cutting a path in the woods and makes short work of chopping small pieces of wood into pieces. This is a great tactical chopper that will serve you well. The only downside to this axe is that the head is too small to use as a driver. 


If there’s a name that is synonymous with axes, it’s  Gransfors Bruks. The Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe is a 19-inch camp axe that has a lot going on
for it despite its simplistic design. One of those things is that it comes extremely sharp straight out of the box. I guess you can say it comes ready to work. But probably the best feature you will enjoy from this axe is the fact that it is superbly balanced, making it easy for you place precise blows.

This is one camp axe that comes with superior engineering and can fittingly be called a high-end axe. But for a 4.5 out of 5 stars rated camp axe, it definitely is worth it.


The Husqvarna 26" Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe lives up to its name – it does it
all. With Swedish craftsmanship (probably borrowed from the Vikings), this is one axe that is small enough to pack with your camping gear but big enough to for some heavy tasks around the camp.

With a specialized ergonomic handle and a super sharp head, felling trees and chopping wood will become something you will always look forward to.

The Best Camp Axe for You

So there you have it. Now that you are equipped with all the knowledge you need concerning camp axes, it’s time for you to go and get yourself one.

camp axe

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By the way, if you’re stuck on which one to go for, the SOG F09N-CP and the Husqvarna would make a great combination. But if you are to only pick one, the Husqvarna comes highly recommended.

So go ahead and pick your camp axe. Great adventures await.


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