Which Is the Best Tomahawk Axe to Buy? Top 5 Popular Options

Tomahawk axes are used mainly by the military to gain entry. Still, they are also great for use as survival tools when you need to chop wood or defend yourself in the wilderness. There are many tomahawks to choose from, so you will want to look at the blade, grip, weight, and the balance of the overall tool. You should buy one that is easy to grip stays sharp and is easy to throw. Here are the top five popular tactical axes currently on the market.

a beautiful axe with amazing pattern and details on its head

Best Tomahawk Axe to Consider

#1. SOG F01TN Tactical Tomahawk

One of the best tomahawk axe companies is SOG. Therefore, it should not be a surprise to see the FO1T-N listed in the most popular, especially costing only $30. The design of this tomahawk dates back to the Vietnam era. It is very easy to grip, but it is a little on the heavy side. It weighs two pounds. However, that weight allows the blade to do serious damage when thrown.

It is ready to use as soon as you purchase, as in you will not need to sharpen it first. Reviews also show that the blade remains sharp for a great deal of time. This allows you to use it for a long period of time before needing to worry about sharpening. While the grip is good and the sheath is easy to use, it does not have a full tang.

#2. SOG F06F-N Fast Hawk

If you are looking for a tomahawk axe that is lighter, but like the style of the F01T-N, the F06F-N is the choice to make. It is exactly the same. On the other hand, it is smaller. The F06F weighs just over a pound. This makes it a great choice for those who are out on the field and just want something that is bigger than a knife to do light-weight work. It can do the same work as the F01T-N, but it will take longer due to the lack of weight. However, this axe is much easier to throw. With the price tag just over $20, it is a cost-effective tool for any household.

#3. American Tomahawk VTAC Lagana

For those who are looking for a tomahawk axe they can use when they are working in the backyard, then the American Tomahawk VTAC Lagana is perfect for the job. This axe is small and extremely lightweight. While it cannot do the heavy work, it does great breaking down doors or trimming trees with ease.

The length is only 14 inches with a handle that has a grip made from modified nylon. The best part about this tomahawk is the price. It is just over $110 and is known for being extremely durable. This is also the axe that has been used by the United States military for years.

#4. Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

a slim and long axe with a pointy head

Now if you are looking for tomahawk axe that screams tactical, you will want to consider the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk. Gerber is also known for their high-quality knives, and this axe is a military style designed for forced entry and self-defense. There is a cutaway in the blade that helps lighten the weight, without taking from the overall functionality.

The beveled edge of the blade will cut through any type of door or wall that blocks your path. This axe is worth every penny of the $200 cost. It is not only an axe. It is also a hammer and has a pry bar on the base of the handle. Moreover, it is also manufactured in America and is backed by the lifetime warranty Gerber offers on all of their knives. The downsides include the weight, a solid two pounds, and the length, almost 20 inches long.

#5. 5.11 Operator Axe

If you are looking for an axe that offers multi-functionality, then the 5.11 Operator Axe is the selection of choice. The 5.11 company specializes in tactical gear, so this tomahawk is built to do it all. The blade of this tomahawk axe is short and useful. Still, the handle has 24 other tools.

Some of the tools include a ruler, pry bar, hammerhead, and sockets. This axe runs around $160 and is great for both left-handed or right-handed users. You can use it for practically any purpose around the house or out in the field. It comes with a two-piece sheath for easy access and is covered with black oxide for long life. This tomahawk is only 15 inches long and weighs just over a pound and a half. Making it a great tool, without being too overly heavy.

Choosing the Right Tomahawk Axe for You

a huge axe head with a wood handle

When it comes to selecting which axe to purchase, you will definitely need to know what the purpose you are looking for. As you can see from the most popular selections, there are options for those that are looking for a pure tactical weapon. However, there are also options for those who want something they can have around the house.

While the axes that have more functionality are more expensive, they are going to be used more making the value worth it. You will want to consider the weight of the axe, especially if you are needing to hike and pack. Tomahawks designed for throwing are generally lighter weight and have shorter handles, but they are not as good at handling heavy workloads.

Tomahawks are a great weapon to have in your possession whether you are looking for something for gaining entry, defending yourself, or simply chopping wood. The popular choices are far from all that are available. These are the ones that will give you an idea of what to look for when shopping. Make sure you have your desires set so you can compare the correct tomahawks and not spend more than you need for the value you are looking for.

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