Finding the Best Fiskars Splitting Axe

A fact that might be surprising to those of you who don’t chop wood on a regular basis; not all axes are created equal, and we don’t just mean brands. While you could do everything you want to with the wrong tool, it’s going to make things harder on your both; you’ll need harder swings, your tool will blunt easier, and even with proper technique, you can still put too much force in the wrong place and take years off the life of your axe.

Whether you’re chopping up small downed trees on your property, slicing up branches for a small wood stove, or going all the way and felling your own tree for a whole cord’s worth for the winter, you need the right tool for the job. Fortunately, Fiskars offers a complete line of axes, all suited to different purposes, and all optimized to do them well.

#1 – Fiskars X27 36“ Super Splitting Axe


For splitting wood, you’re going to want to look to the X27 Super Splitting Axe, a 36-inch axe that’s both well-designed and easy for anybody to use. For starters, you need an axe with a slightly duller blade (since you’re going to be making heavier swings and you don’t want your blade to chip).

Rather than doing the conventional approach of giving you a heavier axe head to use, the X27 axe model uses better leverage and an axe head designed to force wood apart as you swing to give you the same power. The end result? It’s much easier to have good technique and save your strength with this Fiskars splitting axe, allowing you to take care of a whole cord of wood in much less time.

In the same vein, the handle itself is designed to help maximize your mechanical advantage. You’re getting a Fibercomp composite handle that weighs less than traditional wood, as well as a design that entirely integrates it with the axe head. This way, there’s absolutely no chance your axe head will change positions mid-swing, and because the Fibercomp handle is virtually unbreakable. Even over-swinging (where your handle hits the wood and not your axe head) won’t break your Fiskars X27 splitting axe. This axe can make anybody better; for the novice, it’s lighter and more user-friendly, and for the experienced woodcutter, it helps to maximize the benefits of swinging smarter rather than harder.

Thanks to all these features, X27 is easily one of the best Fiskars splitting axe choices on the market right now.

#2 – Fiskars X15 23.5“ Chopping Axe

When you’re actually chopping down trees, you’re going to want something a little different than a traditional splitting axe. You’re going to want a sharper head to cut against wood fibers, rather than a duller, heavier head to cut with them. This is exactly what you get with the Chopping Axe X15, a Fiskars chopping axe made the same way as the X27, but designed for felling trees instead. If you are interest more in this type of logging task, this X15 axe model can actually be your best Fiskars splitting axe.

You’re still getting all the same great features on this model, like a Fibercomp composite handle built around the axe head itself, a perfect balance-to-power ratio that makes sure all your power goes right where it needs to, and a non-stick coating on the blade to help it slide through after each strike, but you’re getting it in a shorter package.

Why is shorter better? Once again, it’s all about getting the most out of your technique on your Fiskars axe. For a log splitting axe, you can use all of your major muscle groups to bring the axe over your head and then straight down. With chopping axes, you have to twist to the side, a much shorter distance than over your head, so a shorter handled tool will optimize the force. Combining the science of a shorter handle with all the advantages of the X15’s design, you’ve got a pretty solid tool that’ll keep chopping for as long as you need.

#3 – Fiskars X7 14“ Hatchet

However, what about when you are on the trail? In this scenario, you need to break down small branches and logs for a simple campfire, as well as hundreds of other bushcrafts (for the rugged camper).

Once again, Fiskars has a tool for that, and this time it’s the X7 hatchet. If you are looking for a trustworthy tool to have your back in the wilderness, this model can be your best Fiskars splitting axe. Looking and feeling like a scaled-down version of the X15, the X7 hits all the same high notes in a much smaller, much easier to strap to a backpack design.

You’ve got a super-sharp axe head molded right into the Fibercomp handle, a special coating to keep your Fiskars hatchet from sticking, and a design that forces wood apart as you split, making work that much easier. For those times that a knife or a mini-hatchet just won’t cut it, having the X7 in your outdoor gear can make all the difference.

Final Word

Whatever your needs, Fiskars axes are always going to be an asset. It’s a good bet that any Fiskars splitting axe review you read will be positive because each and every one are traditional tools done up with modern know-how, affordable for even a casual wood-splitter and tough enough to last for years and years.


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  1. Very informative article. My favorite ax is the Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe.Is this good for wood cutting?

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