Discovering the Best Felling Axe

fellingThe word “felling” is used to refer to the process of cutting down trees individually, in contrast to splitting or chopping logs.  Felling is a process that is used in logging rather than a camping or survival scenario, so a specific felling axe is required. Felling axes employ a tremendously sharp, thin blade and tapered head to be able to cut across the wood grain as deep as possible.

The heads on felling axes and medium in weight, usually 2 1/2 to 4 lbs with a 28- to 36- inch handle. Thus, they are perfect for creating stumps and slicing off the limbs of fallen trees. Keep in mind, a felling axe main priority is to cut the fibers of the wood, rather than split them.

Two of the highest quality felling axes that we’ll look at come from the company Fiskars and Amer (Council Tool).

4 lb. Hickory Amer Felling Axe

If you are a true American looking for an axe from the good old USA, you’ll still want an axe that is durable, sharp, and will get the job done.  You won’t need to look any further than the Amer Felling Axes.  This axe was designed in New York City, and comes equipped with the most iconic axe head design in history: the Dayton pattern head, that comes with a weight of around four pounds and is made of a hard 5160 alloy steel.

Something that stands out with this axe is the overall slim profile of the blade, which stands in stark contrast to many other felling axes offered from other axe companies around the world.  You may think that that the slim profile makes the axe less durable for felling trees, but that couldn’t be any farther from the truth.  The slimmer profile of the design actually makes the blade superior for cutting through and chipping apart wood and trees one piece at a time.

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The handle of the axe is also incredibly strong.  A straight grain type of premium hickory, the wood for the handle came from Appalachia and is unrivaled by many other axe handles on the market.  This handle delivers the superiority in terms of durability, safety, and comfort.  While many other axe companies use hickory, the hickory of this handle is easily unequaled thanks to the superior wood grain.

This axe may be heavy, with the blade itself weighing four pounds and the handle at thirty six inches.  While this axe may be expensive and too large for some users, it will get the job done and last you for many years to come. Check out full list of our favorite splitting axes when you get a moment.


Overall Length: 35 3/8 inches

Blade Weight: 4 Pounds

Blade: 5160 Grade Alloy Steel

Handle: 36 inch curved

Handle Material: Hickory

Sheath: Leather

Pattern: Dayton

Origin: United States of America

FISKARS 36-inch X27 Axe

This longer axe is ideal for tall users who will use it to cut down medium to large sized trees.  The handle, made out of a material that Fiskars calls DuraFrame, adds much balance to the axe and also absorbs much of the blew with each strike.  The blade also comes with an extra sharp edge for maximum performance with heavy durability.

Most felling axes that you’ll encounter on the market are excessively heavy, will dull quickly, and can eventually break after sustained use.  The Fiskars X27 axe is not that way; in fact, the X27 is designed to serve as the remedy for most of the problems that other felling axes have posed.

The X27 is designed to be simple, versatile, and effective, and has constantly rated highly in lists of top felling axes of the year.  While it’s intended use is for felling trees, it can just as easily be used for chopping wood or splitting logs.

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Much thought went into the overall design of the Fiskars X27 to deliver the best felling axe possible.  Much of the weight is distributed towards the axe head, while the Duraframe handle is kept lightweight while also being as strong as steel.  The power to weight ratio increases the speed of your swing, similar to the thought put behind an aluminum baseball bat.  With more power and a sharper edge, you’ll get much more accomplished in a less amount of time with the X27.  The FiberComp handle is practically impossible to break despite its lighter weight and comes with a lifetime warranty if a problem occurs.

There was also some serious thought that went into the design process of the blade of the X27.  The blade, which is made out of steel and is forged to stay sharper longer than other axes, has a sharper edge than most axes allowing for a cleaner and more powerful cut with each swing.  This is thanks to the PermaHead technology that Fiskars utilizes in their axes.  The chances of the blade becoming stuck in the tree, or cracking and chipping overtime, with the X27 are lower in comparison to other axes out there.


Cutting Edge Height: .25 inches

Handle Length: 36 inches

Product Depth: 1.75 inches

Product Height: 37.75 inches

Product Width: 9.25 inches

Blade Length: 9.3 inches

Weight: 6.36 pounds

Handle: Duraframe


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