Top 7 Best Carpenters Axes Options to Consider

Axes have a variety of uses. They are usually employed to chop into some sort of material for the sake of cutting it down to a smaller size. A carpenters axe is generally used for evenly cutting surfaces and carving materials into works of art. Most of them are made with inward curves to provide the best hand grip.

a modified carpenters axe

Traditionally, they were used by blacksmiths. Now, they are used mostly in carpentry. Some carpenters axes are better than others, though. Here are the top seven best carpenters axes according to price.

The Best Carpenters Axes to Consider

These are the top seven carpenters axes to consider. They are listed according to price from the least expensive to the most expensive.

#1. Plumb 11549 Half Hatchet

Plumb 30 oz. Half Hatchet with Hickory Handle - 11549

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Apex Tool Group’s Plumb 11549 Half Hatchet is great for many reasons. It falls in the lowest price bracket of a carpenters axe. The handle is made of high-quality hickory, which provides natural comfort. At the same time, the hickory handle provides strength and resilience in a way that minimizes the impact the of shock.

The 30-ounce head is evenly balanced with the handle, and it comes with a durable black epoxy finish. This model also offers a cutting edge that is sharp and created in a rolled bevel design. The head is held onto the handle through Permabond construction. The blade is also rust resistant with a heavily checkered milled face. It is great for working on heavy timber, too.

#2. Vaughan RB 28-Ounce Rig Builders Hatchet

Vaughan RB 28-Ounce Rig Builders Hatchet, Hickory Handle for heavy construction, 17-Inch Long.

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Placed at the second cheapest carpenters axe on this list, Vaughan & Bushnell’s RB 28-Ounce Rig Builders Hatchet costs only $31.39. This model comes fully polished, and the head is forged completely from high quality, high carbon steel. It has a beveled nail slot designed into the polished head. The 17-inch handle is made of hickory that has been flame treated. It also features a crowned striking face that is extra-large, making powerful blows rather accurate. At the same time, it has a wafered head.

#3. Estwing Rigger’s Axe – 16″ Half Hatchet with Milled Face & Shock Reduction Grip

Estwing Rigger's Axe - 16' Half Hatchet with Milled Face & Shock Reduction Grip - E3-R

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Priced at $38.89, Estwing’s E32H 30-Ounce Carpenter’s Hatchet comes with a nylon, vinyl grip handle. This grip is designed to make the axe easier to hold onto while making powerful blows, so it does not go flying off or move out of direction from a continuous blow. It also has a smooth face.

This model weighs 30-ounces and its handle measures at 13 inches. Unlike other models that are rather heavy, this axe only weighs in at 2.1 pounds. Many people use it for smaller projects, including household chores like splitting wood into kindling. Therefore, it is great to have on hand at easy reach for instant use.

#4. Condor Tool & Knife, Woodworker Axe

Condor Tool & Knife, Woodworker Axe, American Hickory Handle with Sheath

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Condor Tool & Knife’s Woodworker Axe falls in the mid-range of pricing for these top carpenters axes at $48.72. The handle is made of American hickory, and it also comes with a protective sheath for the metal head, which is not a feature offered in another carpenters axe mentioned to this point.

Condor Tool & Knife makes high-quality cutlery and tools of the finest degree, and this axe does not fail to meet that statement. It has 98 sculpted vents built into it, and it also has replaceable soft pads. The hickory handle measures 18 inches, and the blade is made of 1045 high carbon steel.

#5. Husqvarna Carpenter’s Axe

Husqvarna 576926501 19' Wooden Carpenter's Axe

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Another axe placed at the mid-range price on this list is Husqvarna’s Carpenter’s Axe with a price of $59.99. Husqvarna claims this axe is great for woodworking applications, including those needs found in carpentry, and it can double as a smaller forester’s hatchet, too. The head is made of hand-forged steel that is secured to the handle with a steel wedge. Specifically, this design follows the classic layout of the Hudson Bay Axe.

This design focuses on placing the hand as close to the cutting head as possible and in a safe way to allow the wielder to have greater stability and control over the blows made with it. The handle is 19 inches long, and it is made of hickory. The handle has been designed to feature a lanyard hole at the end opposite end of the head.

#6. Hults Bruk Tibro Carpenter Axe

Hults Bruk Tibro Carpenter Axe

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The Hults Bruk Tibro Carpenter Axe by SportHansa marks the lower of the two axes sitting at the top pricing bracket as it costs $134.00. The head of this carpenters axe is hand-grinded, so the steel is struck multiple times to increase the head’s density. This factor results in creating an axe that is more durable.

At the same time, the head features a tempered zone that is designed to keep the edge sharp, regardless of how much it is used. Therefore, sharpening the axe does not need to happen all that often. This model also features a protective sheath that is made of leather, and it also has decorative elements that are Swedish in design.

#7. Gransfors Carpenters Axe

Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe 19 Inch, 420

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At the top of the highest price bracket with a cost of $168.00 is Gransfors Bruks’s Carpenters Axe. This model functions as if it is a heavy knife. The axe pole comes ground, so it can also be used as a hammer. The face measures 3 ½ inches, and it comes with an 18-inch handle. Gransfors Bruks offers a 20-year warranty on this product. It also comes with a leather sheath for the head.

Choosing the Right Axe

As indicated above, there are many types of carpenters axe to pick from. Therefore, deciding on which one is right for your needs can be rather difficult. First and foremost, one thing to consider is the materials that are used to make the head. Some materials and the way they are forged create a heftier, denser axe, which means it is more stable and can stand up to more demanding tasks. Also, the materials used to make the handle are also important because they dictate how comfortable of a grip is made during blows.

Most of these models are made of wood, specifically hickory, so they can be rather slippery to the touch. Adding a grip of some kind might be necessary. The combination of size and weight between the handle and head also needs to be considered for the sake of balance.

In order to find an axe with the right size, you need to determine how often it will be used and for what it will be employed. The most important thing to consider for the sake of safety during storage is whether or not it comes with a sheath for the head. In some cases, one needs to be purchased in addition to the axe itself.

Bottom Line

Finding the right carpenters axe does not have to be difficult. The best seven axes that we have mentioned are a great place to start in finding the right carpenters axe for your needs. Give one of them plenty of consideration to meet your needs and to decide which price is worth paying the most for this essential tool.

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